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  GH#2779 Regression in WWW
  GH#2759 REPL: Internal error: unhandled encoding (Readline)
efa9f7a9 was referenced but there is no commit with this id
83286e29 was referenced but there is no commit with this id
    + Added proto to plan multi as suggested. [fa91b780]
    + Fixed the bug #2688 (wrong values for asinh of negative argument) [5281c23a]
    + Explicitly identify types used for mixins [f0915624]
    + Fix for SHORT-GIST dying with a non-Any inheriting parameter type [d4411c9a]
    + Merge pull request #2728 from vrurg/SHORT-GIST-fix [b34ec3a6]
    + Bump NQP for sprintf error reporting improvement [6563f1ab]
    + Merge pull request #2726 from MasterDuke17/add_given_value_to_sprintf_error [595614fc]
    + Make sure we don't actually show really large values [f99d64d8]
    + Merge pull request #2689 from ramillies/master [3be705f2]
    + Re-imagine PR #2493 [8f424c9d]
    + Merge pull request #2168 from manwar/propose-fix-for-issue-1866 [b92afb0b]
    + Oops, cannot have a :D on a :$named without default [4eecb3c8]
    + Remove proto: it breaks stuff [cd318fb8]
    + Replace internal json parser with JSON::Fast code [ce24f604]
    + Add comment about relation to JSON::Fast [43ff9f1c]
    + Special case exception handling in R:I:JSON [a8cd286a]
    + Make say(\x) about 8% faster [9770c1aa]
    + Add a :$filename parameter to EVAL to override the filename [2732a286]
    + Change :$filename type constraint in EVAL from Str to Str() [69d88be3]
    + Fix bug causing incorrect warning when missing an optional argument [1ec4f171]
    + Merge branch 'master' into release-2019.somewhen [c4c32ab4]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 7 commits [70d61b21]
    + Simplify Parameter.perl wrt to post constraints [99ba0ea8]
    + Remove :where support for Signature/Parameter.perl [4cfe5ec1]
    + Properly represent constant constraint on Parameter.perl [a1591fbe]
    + Check for fexistence before checking if executable [5a9b720d]
    + Ensure we boolify our value [6e8df010]
    + Added an X::Cannot::Map exception [fd8a00a3]
    + Added better error messages for '.map: foo' errors [ef8899f6]
    + Remove watch-path tests for now [3afbc120]
    + Adapt tests to new X::Cannot::Map behaviour [a804ed0f]
    + Re-instate manwar's first PR [33e2d7f4]
    + Make sure creating a Failure from a Failure object throws [c9110654]
    + Merge branch 'identify-mixin-types' [7b863b72]
    + Bump NQP_REVISION [7bd3b3a0]
    + Fix use of nqp::getattr with sometimes wrong class [c21054de]
    + Produce simpler spesh op for decont [29878d82]
    + Make a Failure throw when it is used as something Iterable [23fca8f6]
    + Make Failure.list also throw [4ffb4082]
    + Bump NQP_REVISION [fc4aca08]
    + Refactor $*KERNEL internal use of uname [ec40933d]
    + Merge pull request #2770 from rakudo/use-nqp-uname [ffe84099]
    + Merge branch 'release-2019.03.1' [cc261f62]
    + Merge branch 'release-2019.03.1' [23d215dc]
    + Typo [6d8077ce]
    + Update CREDITS [67594c0b]
    + Add releasable Sakefile [0cc563c8]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 5 commits [e20dcc4e]
    + Revert "First try on fixing the build on Mac." [f9aebab5]
    + Merge pull request #2777 from vrurg/fix_Configure_for_relocatable [68c2c9fe]
    + claim the next rakudo release [4189e20c]
    + Move QuantHash.kv build logic to !SET-SELF [0e07079b]
    + Add basic check for keys in SETTING:: and PROCESS:: [9399ea11]
    + Fixed method cloning [d14fad4a]
    + Added myself to CREDITS [ab64aaaf]
    + Fixed mistype in name [ed29caab]
    + We also allow :api ! [2f6e5fde]
    + New roast test [387534d3]
    + Merge pull request #2784 from vrurg/issue_2772 [c26ca6b0]
    + merges class symbols into stub when using require stub:file<> [f03c7814]
    + Made all operators in Real require definite objects [d8ad6224]
    + Merge pull request #2789 from tony-o/master [17c9d88f]
    + fix for GH issue #2793 [95ce37d3]
    + Merge pull request #1 from rakudo/master [8fa3360d]
    + Fix for FatRat.base failure for large denominators [d4e1d8e7]
    + Update Rational.pm6 in response to review comments [b69964b5]
    + Bump NQP_REVISION [b5bf7cd4]
    + [JVM] Don't run some test files that hang [507c3c37]
    + [JVM] Don't run tests for read-int8 et al. (NYI) [adba017f]
    + Decont Range before calling nqp::getattr on it [a5b22387]
    + Add null/defined checks for %!hash [f26fbd37]
    + [js] Use uname op for sysname and release [0ecd037b]
    + [JVM] Don't run tests for utf16 [3e51bd4e]
    + [js] Update rakudo-library to source maps being on by default [4f8a16e0]
    + [js] Implement parameterization of Blobs with 64 bit integers [6e650cd3]
    + [js] Add a run(:fake-run, ...) multi candidate [b0668b26]
    + Serialize a Perl 6 level string instead of a raw NQP one [75e2fb70]
    + [js] Add a bunch of ifdefs to work around problems with serializing weird low level things [9d187287]
    + [js] Temporary workaround for a bug breaking the js build [7aa72ce0]
    + Bump NQP for JS fixes [1aae63a6]
    + add info on running spec tests [68adad46]
    + add one-liner version of the script [7b4dd300]
    + Avoid notification queue growth in Channel.Supply [d5044de2]
    + Allow :at/:in/:every to be Inf/-Inf/NaN in ThreadPoolScheduler.cue [cc88d63d]
    + [JVM] Remove special case [5e8451f7]
    + [JVM] Use default value for optional native param [96a976b3]
    + fix error when set RAKUDO_EXCEPTIONS_HANDLER (#2823) [939ea419]
    + Fix typo (and unbreak JVM build) [51455df9]
    + Set max inline size for Perl 6 code on MoarVM [a9b9cdc9]
    + Slightly cheaper hanlding of untyped scalars [17643d49]
    + Emit simpler code for lowered while loop [29ce2ce3]
    + Use a cheaper assignment in array assign slow path [847783e2]
    + Better tracking of what needs return handlers [165f9184]
    + Avoid hack involving early return in Test.pm6 [84b0e380]
    + Fix .&fail after better return handler tracking [90722780]
    + Retain current return from default behavior [69c535ec]
    + Don't emit unrequired init code for natives [2eb93b2d]
    + Simplify array fast-path checking [286aa29e]
    + Initialize $!reified/$!todo to a type object [a21cf6ae]
    + Don't return internal value from !RE-INITIALIZING [417fa68e]
    + Merge branch 'more-precise-return-tracking' [2bcb764b]
    + Bump to latset NQP_REVISION [f1c80fdd]
    + Generate an empty BUILDALL for class with no attrs [45e2902d]
    + [JVM] Fix small-ish typos [056e4552]
    + Don't use nqp::execname on OpenBSD [194e3778]
    + [JVM] Don't run some newly added sprintf tests [8f1b1bab]
    + Expose newmixintype via Metamodel::Primitives [4702c245]
    + Unbreak subclassing of Parameter [d31fb270]
    + Telemetry: allow snap :heap for heap snapshots [90e18b65]
    + telemetry: allow heap => filename [0c80e067]
    + Bump NQP for the latest goodies [235f14cd]
    + Fix for R#2758 [cb691da5]
    + Make BUILDPLAN generation a bit more robust [f8bd3f38]
    + Fix mis-optimization of BUILDPLAN with MI [a855b9c0]
    + Make stored META data reproducible in CURI [50699817]
    + [JVM] Avoid StringIndexOutOfBoundsException [07b4f743]
    + First attempt at providing an interface to spesh logs [84144c79]
    + Make .head/.tail take Cool correctly [74c8f044]
    + Expand Spesh subclasses [4e677f04]
    + WIP for Spesh.pm6 [f91de3e2]
    + Fix perl6-lldb-m runner [9aec73a7]
    + Add patrickb to CREDITS [923af0b9]
    + update planned release dates [cafe628a]
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