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Created Oct 15, 2019
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2019-10-03T12:42:13Z <lizmat>:
2019-10-04T13:37:19Z <lizmat>:
2019-10-05T19:49:06Z <lizmat>:
2019-10-05T20:05:08Z <lizmat>:
2019-10-06T06:37:40Z <jmerelo>: Perl 6 Quick Syntax Reference is out already:
2019-10-06T10:34:08Z <luk>:
2019-10-06T13:29:47Z <lizmat>:
2019-10-07T12:15:30Z <lizmat>:
2019-10-07T12:36:25Z <lizmat>:
2019-10-09T17:03:39Z <jmerelo>: we're looking for contributions for this year's Perl 6 advent calendar. Please claim a slot by doing a PR (or simply editing) this
2019-10-10T11:45:54Z <lizmat>:
2019-10-11T18:27:08Z <lizmat>:
2019-10-11T20:16:09Z <lizmat>: #1 on HackerNew
2019-10-12T07:11:23Z <lizmat>:
2019-10-12T08:16:54Z <jmerelo>:
2019-10-12T21:59:34Z <El_Che>: we made slashdot, although it's not the same as in the 90s :)
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