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  GH#1500 Random tests are failing with `No plan found in TAP output`
    + Merge pull request #4376 from rakudo/release-2021.05 [1962e674]
    + Add a `repl` sub to enter the repl from within a program (#4325) [4183cdaf]
    + Tweak worker addition for many small tasks [39e5834d]
    + Add .Buf / .Blob coercers to Blob / Buf (#4374) [f83e5511]
    + Merge pull request #4380 from rakudo/workers-for-long-queues [ce943fca]
    + Fix some edge-cases with (+) (.) (&) (|) [89fd8a8d]
    + Make .grep(Regex) and .first(Regex) about 40% faster (#4383) [0de28ae7]
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