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Created September 1, 2022 20:48
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  GH#5009 Precompilation is now recompiling already precompiled modules.
    + Merge pull request #5010 from rakudo/release-2022.07 [556bf98d]
    + Add a lot of uint candidates for a lot of ops [47f9b286]
    + Improve flow of calling from a script [57337212]
    + Bump NQP [683ddf47]
    + Implement nominalizable transparency for definites [71de2232]
    + Merge pull request #4993 from vrurg/make-generics-better [9b13a55a]
    + Update CREDITS [49e04c61]
    + Update all ranged copyrights from 2021 to 2022 (#5015) [36b0a635]
    + remove some forgotten ft=perl6 [8500d2a8]
    + Merge pull request #5013 from patrickbkr/set-env-quiet [dc180bd9]
    + Allow for --no-foo as alternative to --/foo [61617b12]
    + Allow for .skip(produce,skip,produce,skip,...) in 6.e [2a1ace84]
    + Introduce "nano" term for 6.e+ [10feda11]
    + Make World's `is_type` method more reliable [13f7416c]
    + Don't blindly make a Version object for vN [7ddb90ce]
    + Merge pull request #5030 from vrurg/rakudo-5027 [2c1e1bfd]
    + Merge pull request #5020 from rakudo/lizmat-v-check [6c948e00]
    + Add IO::Path.created returning the Instant a path was created [dbf035d8]
    + [JVM] Add missing $obj? to Perl6::Metamodel::JavaHOW.archetypes [d059921b]
    + Bump NQP to get uniprop race condition fix [4f519c2e]
    + Bump macOS version to 12 [0953b4ac]
    + Bump Ubuntu too [ff90a24d]
    + Merge pull request #5045 from vrurg/bump-CI-macos-version [f66d576c]
    + Fix role parameterization over generics [94f3028e]
    + Merge pull request #5044 from vrurg/generic-parameterization-lookup [0432dbdd]
    + Get job done well for coercive nominalizeables [9e18b391]
    + Merge pull request #5046 from vrurg/subset-over-coercion [5a6344fc]
    + Make generics work with return type in signature [a3021944]
    + Make dispatcher know about generic return type [47c35cab]
    + Merge pull request #5048 from vrurg/generics-in-return [71f5c50b]
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