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    + Speedup the basic @a[*] (Whatever slice) [9ad80af2]
    + Remove a lot of unnecessary int $pos candidates [4c91d743]
    + Merge pull request #4130 from vrurg/rakudo_4116 [5df809e2]
    + Add "Solaris" to $?Perl.KERNELnames [f918f0fd]
    + Merge pull request #4143 from nwc10/solaris [94d685d9]
    + Add "is-implementatio-detail" delegation [754b2850]
    + Revert "Add "is-implementatio-detail" delegation" [eb1eabf6]
    + Changes message string [336a2170]
    + Implement "is implementation-detail" for classes (#4135) [4384fc5c]
    + Fix problem in Compiler.verbose-config [ed6e2c8b]
    + Introducing Seq.slice(indices) (#3983) [63be83d3]
    + Implement `sec`, `asec` and `sech` in terms of other NQP trigonometric funcs. [c9d69dc6]
    + 02-simple-args.c should #include <sys/types.h> to get ssize_t [ac10a7a8]
    + Merge pull request #4151 from nwc10/need-sys-types-for-ssize_t [f8986324]
    + Prefer api sorting over version sorting [43613ac5]
    + Allow native @a[*-4 .. *..2] to work [8150a286]
    + Throw on non-Int result in Iterable index on native array [8a3e983c]
    + Throw on non-Int result in Iterable index on native array assignment [5eb55076]
    + Add candidate for native slice assignment from Iterable [4d40e23e]
    + Re-imagine array slicing, fixing issues, between 2x and 10x faster (#4131) [ca7bc91e]
    + Streamline some iterator setups [c039b28f]
    + Fix potential deadlock on specialization of roles [65a5cce1]
    + No longer use Travis for CI [53da2061]
    + [JVM] Unbust tests for X::Adverb [e6f49356]
    + Bump NQP [9894af71]
    + Rewind the REPL improvements of the past months [d53a9273]
    + Merge pull request #4146 from rakudo/rt-6588 [a13ea269]
    + Merge pull request #4148 from nwc10/sec-asec-and-sech-without-NQP-wrappers [34312495]
    + Merge pull request #4152 from rakudo/api-sorting [81c5f0ca]
    + Make sure that .of works on type objects always (#4106) [790240f6]
    + Introducing CachedIterator role (#3982) [9e13ace8]
    + Re-imagine PR 682 [12b49b83]
    + Properly todo REPL test with natives [39103199]
    + For now, don't allow hash key parameterization with native types [5aec4aaa]
    + Fix proclaim stack travesral [5133103d]
    + Make hash slice assignment about 2x as fast [75c58168]
    + Give the fast path of binding hash slices one less scope [09552ab5]
    + Fix %a<a b> = %h<b a> being borked by 75c58168a1e354 [281d9f3c]
    + Merge pull request #4168 from vrurg/fix-Test-proclaim-traversal [927fa332]
    + Make Array.ASSIGN-POS about 15% faster (#4170) [f623f1b6]
    + Remove a now unneeded unimatch multi [6306f1e0]
    + Merge pull request #4172 from stoned/unimatch-drop-multi [e7a46bc0]
    + Make RAKUDO_SCHEDULER_DEBUG_STATUS logging leaner [aa9e849a]
    + Add some commented out debug code for easier debugging [e14833bd]
    + Save two %*ENV lookups at every startup [39d3f136]
    + Save one $*SCHEDULER lookup at every startup [f993b345]
    + Make setting up of compiling options lazy as possible [43ccad29]
    + Make the precomp repo more lazy [82314883]
    + Create R:I.TARGET method [025448a6]
    + Add Rakudo::Internals.E method [467a931d]
    + Remove unneeded clone [3c79db6c]
    + Make Rakudo::Internals.E return a List [116c8e8e]
    + Add MoarVM::SIL helper module [7f90c71c]
    + Introduce Rakudo::Internals.RERUN-WITH method [164815f6]
    + Introduce the SIL core development helper class [c8647ad4]
    + Tweaks to make SIL.inlined-by-name actually work [b01320ad]
    + First test file to test inlining [1fb058e6]
    + Show what code was being ran in report [1a03ce06]
    + Reorganize inlining test [87d7c5a3]
    + Check for inlining of hash access [5a402a14]
    + Add inlining tests for arithmetic operators [d94d07e6]
    + Add inlining tests for integer comparators [0536d039]
    + Add inlining tests for string comparators [a3c7d00d]
    + Reduce chance of flapping inline tests under load [9c7b5561]
    + Refactor Dateish.later/earlier handling [8a1f8f6f]
    + Improve error message on operation on closed handle [3865f1ca]
    + Give QuantHash/Capture a proper .item method [8f6c7fe7]
    + Make DateTime.truncated-to a lot faster [e6c0b5e9]
    + Make Date.truncated-to a lot faster [c9ac5d90]
    + Remove some dead code [e5f94a15]
    + Implement explicitly setting arg0 in `Proc`s [ce124551]
    + Make sure we Intify [7be4f5ef]
    + Revert 39d3f1368b43e96 on the JVM backend [d53d0308]
    + Make DateTime!new-from-positionals a bit faster [0c8d238a]
    + Merge pull request #4166 from patrickbkr/proc-arg0 [00ecefb8]
    + $*REPO.repo-chain runs iteratively, rather than recursively [50d1d86c]
    + Give the unnamed CU::Repos their id as name [b3bdae1d]
    + Revert "Give the unnamed CU::Repos their id as name" [6e697c07]
    + Simplify CompUnit::RepositoryRegistry.repository-for-name [620fa7ad]
    + Make R:I.SHORT-STRING handle null str correctly [f2e324d5]
    + Alternate fix for JVM breakage to PR #4189 [f627ccb9]
    + Revert "Alternate fix for JVM breakage to PR #4189" [0f5272cd]
    + Bump NQP to get Daniel Green's spesh REPR work [0a25b126]
    + Provide single arg semantics for @array = QuantHash (#4182) [6cd50ab2]
    + Implement Dateish.earlier/later with multiple units (#4181) [10dea6ef]
    + Make sure we don't go past stack top (#4177) [297cba1a]
    + Give QuantHashes a proper .Map method [110343d2]
    + Hide "proclaim" from bactraces [446caae3]
    + There is no 2021.01 release, so update date [4fb9c19b]
    + Fix segfault caused by repossession of native call site [8c63c54c]
    + Merge pull request #4194 from rakudo/fix_segfault_by_repossessed_native_call_sites [9152a0cc]
    + Bump NQP to get latest MoarVM / JVM backend fixes [583ce30c]
    + Move Spesh to MoarVM::Spesh [6793c551]
    + Introduce the SL core development helper class [842bbae3]
    + More ways of accessing Spesh Log information [1b45d0ad]
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