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Created May 13, 2019
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2019-05-06T12:48:00Z 2019-05-13T00:00:00Z

From ≈2019-05-06T12:48:00Z to ≈2019-05-13T00:00:00Z
Open tickets before: 2371
Open tickets after: 2365
Number of tickets touched: 32

Resolved tickets (14)

[resolved] RT#131395 Cross meta operator on empty list complains "This type (Scalar) does not support elems"
[resolved] RT#132585 nested parameterized type names are truncated
  [closed]   GH#1858 Colon lists
  [closed]   GH#2819 Improve ThreadPoolScheduler.cue/CurrentThreadScheduler.cue behaviour when Inf/-Inf/NaN is passed
  [closed]   GH#2863 "Unknown QAST node type NQPMu" when missing a comma hash initialization
  [closed]   GH#2867 Remove 6.d.PREVIEW from tests
  [closed]   GH#2868 Removes .PREVIEW from tests closes #2867
  [closed]   GH#2872 Whatever and excluded max endpoint on range in slice... one off
  [closed]   GH#2875 Fix off-by-one error in infinite range subscript
  [closed]   GH#2876 How Perl6 process the type
  [closed]   GH#2879 CompUnit::Repository::FileSystem doesn't accept IO::Path
  [closed]   GH#2880 Fix some double frees in the moar runner
  [closed]   GH#2886 Where clause throws 'cannot call method 'chars' on a null object'
  [closed]   GH#2887 my $n = 1 / 0; $n !~~ Failure

Half-resolved (tests needed) (0)

Updated tickets (12)

 [updated] RT#128047 Rakudo may crash if you use get() when -n is used (perl6 -ne 'say get' <<< 'hello')
 [updated] RT#130069 Unknown QAST error when creating List of Pairs
[new→open] RT#130572 Parenthesized `for` loop is eager, even with `lazy` keyword
 [updated] RT#131089 Different parsing of combined colonpairs
 [updated] RT#131813 Segfault with --profile
 [updated]    GH#535 Process and bind subsignature before running where clauses (RT#123596)
 [updated]   GH#1170 Look for yada fullfillment in default parent type, too (RT#131676)
 [updated]   GH#2816 Revamp of
 [updated]   GH#2857 Don't special case OpenBSD in relocatability handling
 [updated]   GH#2874 Add support for bundling arguments to the default argument parser
 [updated]   GH#2877 runtime errors get reported as compile time errors
 [updated]   GH#2881 Inconsistency of coercion methods

All new tickets (8)

  [open]   GH#2882 class/role closures are not thread safe
  [open]   GH#2883 Feature request: NativeCall support for wchar_t, wint_t, char8_t, char16_t, and char32_t
  [open]   GH#2884 Improve GNU C++ name mangling
  [open]   GH#2885 EVAL memory leak
[closed]   GH#2886 Where clause throws 'cannot call method 'chars' on a null object'
[closed]   GH#2887 my $n = 1 / 0; $n !~~ Failure
  [open]   GH#2888 Regression in get/prompt subs when using $*IN
  [open]   GH#2889 class{}.can("something") should not work
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