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Created Apr 1, 2019
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2019-03-25T22:07:50Z <lizmat>:
2019-03-26T08:14:03Z <tyil>:
2019-03-26T18:47:18Z <tyil>:
2019-03-28T08:58:09Z <lizmat>:
2019-03-28T11:46:11Z <lizmat>:
2019-03-28T21:07:34Z <El_Che>:
2019-03-28T21:47:08Z <tony-o>:
2019-04-01T00:52:56Z <AlexDaniel>:
2019-04-01T09:06:53Z <lizmat>:
2019-04-01T10:29:56Z <AlexDaniel>: “Perl 5 and Perl 6 are too dissimilar”
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