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    + Merge Iterable and Seq infix:<eqv> multis [135e217f]
    + Hack to fix "any" Junction inlining optimization [76923bee]
    + Change the default "from" to "Raku" [6354c915]
    + Revert "Change the default "from" to "Raku"" [8dcf652d]
    + Temporarily disable CircleCI building [adc61a8f]
    + Merge pull request #3508 from patrickbkr/disable-circleci [e0005de7]
    + Fix CircleCI configuration [efba9639]
    + Simplify CompUnit object creation [2075489e]
    + Give CompUnit a proper value-type WHICH [1dbb227c]
    + Show how long it took to install core modules [58e61356]
    + Make sure default values are decontainerized in BUILDPLAN [d71761e3]
    + Streamline CompUnit::DependencySpecification [0249f23e]
    + Merge pull request #3501 from rakudo/release-2020.02 [7afd05a2]
    + Merge pull request #3488 from MasterDuke17/maybe_a_hack_to_restore_any_Junction_inlining_optimization [efdb3de2]
    + Merge pull request #3447 from dumarchie/#3346 [357cae86]
    + Move CompUnit::PrecompilationRepository out of block [28bd4247]
    + Improve CompUnit.WHICH [b4cdccc1]
    + Implement index(string, @needles) [4cec44a3]
    + Adjust next tentative release date [1d11885a]
    + Implement index(string, @needles) [cf02c2e9]
    + Make sure List catchers take a Cool needle [a91d7d79]
    + Fix copy-pasto for the rindex List catcher [63a72659]
    + Remove unnecessary Cool catchers [af8788b4]
    + Doc tipo Configure -> [bf2a542f]
    + Fix typo [26f4a369]
    + Merge pull request #3510 from tinmarino/master [66b78ccb]
    + Reorganize R:I compiling options logic [cb7be78c]
    + Most of the arguments are constant [638c8955]
    + Streamline CompUnit::PrecompilationRepository a bit [c9d9a096]
    + Avoid re-resolving the same dependencies multiple times [c9092582]
    + Avoid looking up the same precomp id multiple times [6956c063]
    + Build: Fix submodule update with space in ref dir path [3ec58489]
    + Use a low level hash for resolved info [83fed554]
    + Make RMD an attribute [2cc509c0]
    + Fix non-lethal typo [f1cdfb18]
    + Make compiler-id a class variable [9d1b3f63]
    + Forgot to changes one occurrence of stagestats [db6d2306]
    + Streamline setting up of environment for precompilation [7c9951cc]
    + Reduce number of $*W lookups [83ddbaba]
    + Set autogen proto package attribute to the actual package [ffce0b52]
    + Fix booboos spotted by nine++ [196db682]
    + Streamline core module install script [551c157f]
    + Put all checksum making logic in one place [07643d37]
    + Don't use lock if already initializedo [e56eddd8]
    + Streamline CompUnit::PrecompilationUnit::File [20d3713c]
    + Whitespace consistency fix for --help output [3134ec77]
    + Streamline CompUnit::PrecompilationStore::File [b4d32c97]
    + De-hllize the loaded cache [8ac2eecc]
    + De-hllize the dir-cache and the compiler-cache [4e3e937b]
    + Big rewrite of dispatchers and wrapping [502fd7fd]
    + #1882 Fix run() with :out(Handle:D) and :merge [1f838791]
    + Potentially fix problem [6c7ffbdb]
    + Merge pull request #3514 from atroxaper/mkhorkov-1882 [b6851c3e]
    + Inline a method [89992967]
    + Make CompUnit::PrecompilationId a Str [17c45d89]
    + De-hllize CompUnit::PrecompilationId cache [89503809]
    + Remove now superfluous .Str coercions [747a35ba]
    + Add support for BOOTContext to dd [8b70bfb8]
    + Merge pull request #3500 from vrurg/rakudo_3499 [d43261de]
    + Some Perl 6 -> Raku changes in docs [f2cc20c6]
    + Revert "Inline a method" [9e494c83]
    + Revert "Big rewrite of dispatchers and wrapping" [a27005b3]
    + Enable env var RAKULIB [b3bb0d38]
    + Fix nextcallee breaking the dispatcher chain [ac9c8ec8]
    + Revert to using invocator [59a86c3a]
    + Re-revert "Big rewrite of dispatchers and wrapping" [8454f8db]
    + Merge pull request #3517 from vrurg/rakudo_3499 [0f223ac9]
    + Revert the work I've done yesterday [dedb7444]
    + Revert more of my work of this week [cbd75f72]
    + Bump NQP to get latest MoarVM optimizations [4f63764c]
    + Modify or delete certain environment variables [cc165a05]
    + Revert "Revert more of my work of this week" [81ac37f8]
    + Streamline CompUnit::PrecompilationStore::File [f54ad732]
    + De-hllize the loaded cache [fae4d45d]
    + De-hllize the dir-cache and the compiler-cache [d55146bd]
    + Potentially fix problem [e33fe878]
    + ensure RAKUDOLIB is always respected [1fd660a9]
    + reorder priority to respect RAKULIB as preferred [00c0dec3]
    + De-hllize PrecompilationUnitId cache [b712789e]
    + Revert "Temporarily disable CircleCI building" [eb19a3d2]
    + Fix two errors in CircleCI Windows release build script [ffcc6198]
    + don't mention the rakudo-specific env var in raku code [be9bb4b1]
    + respect all three module path env vars\n\nensure precedence is RAKUDOLIB, RAKULIB, PERL6LIB [30a3186b]
    + Fix buiding when git reference dir has spaces in its path [e6044dfc]
    + Code aesthetics: Don't unnecessarily escape " in a build script [358c5a81]
    + Make diamond relation in modules work in precomp again [e756e622]
    + add back check for env var PERL6_HOME [e8f7eb56]
    + add back in env var PERL6_HOME [61124c35]
    + restore proper priority to *_HOME env vars [013b47d2]
    + Merge pull request #3516 from tbrowder/RAKULIB [88f04b63]
    + Make it easier to coerce a Str to a Date/DateTime [d95d218f]
    + Move prebuild archive scripts to scripts folder [e1114208]
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