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  GH#3015 Some issue in LMDB module
  GH#3012 Some issue after “Decontainerize non-scalar symbols upon import” commit
  GH#3011 Weird “P6M Merging GLOBAL symbols failed” issue
  GH#3009 Intermittent failure in 06-struct.t on Windows
  GH#3000 “parser did not give circumfix an EXPR” after “Re-implement colon list processing” commit
  GH#2995 On use/require: Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull)
  GH#2759 REPL: Internal error: unhandled encoding (Readline)
83286e29 was referenced but there is no commit with this id
    + Add some missing commas discoverd while hacking on colon lists [76e5ee1b]
    + Re-implement colon list processing. [91359141]
    + Added proto to plan multi as suggested. [fa91b780]
    + Fixed the bug #2688 (wrong values for asinh of negative argument) [5281c23a]
    + Explicitly identify types used for mixins [f0915624]
    + Implemented fix for [86290889]
    + Update type check cache for non-generic currings. [5f07a394]
    + Reverted type check caching, breaks a spec test [9b65b33b]
    + Clean up debug leftovers [9c6fa1e7]
    + Fix for #2714 [90d81c7f]
    + Fix for SHORT-GIST dying with a non-Any inheriting parameter type [d4411c9a]
    + Merge pull request #2728 from vrurg/SHORT-GIST-fix [b34ec3a6]
    + Bump NQP for sprintf error reporting improvement [6563f1ab]
    + Merge pull request #2726 from MasterDuke17/add_given_value_to_sprintf_error [595614fc]
    + Make sure we don't actually show really large values [f99d64d8]
    + Merge pull request #2689 from ramillies/master [3be705f2]
    + Re-imagine PR #2493 [8f424c9d]
    + Merge pull request #2168 from manwar/propose-fix-for-issue-1866 [b92afb0b]
    + Oops, cannot have a :D on a :$named without default [4eecb3c8]
    + Remove proto: it breaks stuff [cd318fb8]
    + Replace internal json parser with JSON::Fast code [ce24f604]
    + Add comment about relation to JSON::Fast [43ff9f1c]
    + Special case exception handling in R:I:JSON [a8cd286a]
    + Fix for rakudo/rakudo#2169 [c0134d2a]
    + Make say(\x) about 8% faster [9770c1aa]
    + Fix for rakudo/rakudo#2739 [8f59177a]
    + Add a :$filename parameter to EVAL to override the filename [2732a286]
    + Change :$filename type constraint in EVAL from Str to Str() [69d88be3]
    + Fix bug causing incorrect warning when missing an optional argument [1ec4f171]
    + Merge branch 'master' into release-2019.somewhen [c4c32ab4]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 7 commits [70d61b21]
    + Simplify Parameter.perl wrt to post constraints [99ba0ea8]
    + Remove :where support for Signature/Parameter.perl [4cfe5ec1]
    + Properly represent constant constraint on Parameter.perl [a1591fbe]
    + Check for fexistence before checking if executable [5a9b720d]
    + Ensure we boolify our value [6e8df010]
    + Added an X::Cannot::Map exception [fd8a00a3]
    + Added better error messages for '.map: foo' errors [ef8899f6]
    + Remove watch-path tests for now [3afbc120]
    + Adapt tests to new X::Cannot::Map behaviour [a804ed0f]
    + Re-instate manwar's first PR [33e2d7f4]
    + Make sure creating a Failure from a Failure object throws [c9110654]
    + Merge branch 'identify-mixin-types' [7b863b72]
    + Bump NQP_REVISION [7bd3b3a0]
    + Fix use of nqp::getattr with sometimes wrong class [c21054de]
    + Produce simpler spesh op for decont [29878d82]
    + Make a Failure throw when it is used as something Iterable [23fca8f6]
    + Make Failure.list also throw [4ffb4082]
    + Bump NQP_REVISION [fc4aca08]
    + Refactor $*KERNEL internal use of uname [ec40933d]
    + Merge pull request #2770 from rakudo/use-nqp-uname [ffe84099]
    + Merge branch 'release-2019.03.1' [cc261f62]
    + Merge branch 'release-2019.03.1' [23d215dc]
    + Typo [6d8077ce]
    + Update CREDITS [67594c0b]
    + Add releasable Sakefile [0cc563c8]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 5 commits [e20dcc4e]
    + Revert "First try on fixing the build on Mac." [f9aebab5]
    + Merge pull request #2777 from vrurg/fix_Configure_for_relocatable [68c2c9fe]
    + claim the next rakudo release [4189e20c]
    + Move QuantHash.kv build logic to !SET-SELF [0e07079b]
    + Add basic check for keys in SETTING:: and PROCESS:: [9399ea11]
    + Fixed method cloning [d14fad4a]
    + Added myself to CREDITS [ab64aaaf]
    + Fixed mistype in name [ed29caab]
    + We also allow :api ! [2f6e5fde]
    + New roast test [387534d3]
    + Merge pull request #2784 from vrurg/issue_2772 [c26ca6b0]
    + merges class symbols into stub when using require stub:file<> [f03c7814]
    + Made all operators in Real require definite objects [d8ad6224]
    + Merge pull request #2789 from tony-o/master [17c9d88f]
    + Initial support for macro functions. [122cc364]
    + Fixed masking of tools/lib/NQP in .gitignore [d3287c22]
    + Reconsidered membership of expand_macros sub [04a3758a]
    + Started filling in with macros [cdd2a7fd]
    + fix for GH issue #2793 [95ce37d3]
    + Merge pull request #1 from rakudo/master [8fa3360d]
    + Fix for FatRat.base failure for large denominators [d4e1d8e7]
    + Update Rational.pm6 in response to review comments [b69964b5]
    + Bump NQP_REVISION [b5bf7cd4]
    + First working implementation of Configure [3627de6d]
    + [JVM] Don't run some test files that hang [507c3c37]
    + Constructing new build subsystem [6d40290e]
    + [JVM] Don't run tests for read-int8 et al. (NYI) [adba017f]
    + Decont Range before calling nqp::getattr on it [a5b22387]
    + Add null/defined checks for %!hash [f26fbd37]
    + [js] Use uname op for sysname and release [0ecd037b]
    + Improved use of contexts [c7b3bd7a]
    + [JVM] Don't run tests for utf16 [3e51bd4e]
    + [js] Update rakudo-library to source maps being on by default [4f8a16e0]
    + [js] Implement parameterization of Blobs with 64 bit integers [6e650cd3]
    + [js] Add a run(:fake-run, ...) multi candidate [b0668b26]
    + Serialize a Perl 6 level string instead of a raw NQP one [75e2fb70]
    + [js] Add a bunch of ifdefs to work around problems with serializing weird low level things [9d187287]
    + [js] Temporary workaround for a bug breaking the js build [7aa72ce0]
    + Moar and JVM backends are building now [2974076b]
    + Bump NQP for JS fixes [1aae63a6]
    + add info on running spec tests [68adad46]
    + add one-liner version of the script [7b4dd300]
    + Things are now build but installation fails. [7c20b9c8]
    + Added wiping out of .precomp directories on cleanup. [d54fafca]
    + Fixed nqp checkout and build [2c256531]
    + Removed extra slash [0299578d]
    + Fixed a mistype in JS build [01e8b85f]
    + Added VIM parameters to prevent tab expansion. [55ebbacc]
    + Added node_modules [9ac52616]
    + Spaces -> tabs for linux make [2c4f7c79]
    + Spaces -> tabs for linux make [9ce98098]
    + Avoid notification queue growth in Channel.Supply [d5044de2]
    + Fix for make command detection [59d44cf0]
    + Allow :at/:in/:every to be Inf/-Inf/NaN in ThreadPoolScheduler.cue [cc88d63d]
    + Minor fixes [8784b21c]
    + [JVM] Remove special case [5e8451f7]
    + Fixed installation on Windows [cc584b72]
    + Command line prefix option was accidentally ignored. [cf33f1a0]
    + Added nqp-configure submodule [7960454a]
    + Added submodule initialization at startup [b619b560]
    + Fix for libdir not set correctly when no --prefix given [86fe3a05]
    + Rebind submodule [8699455a]
    + Moved for_specs macro from NQP::Macros [825b6787]
    + Update submodule [274e9c2d]
    + [JVM] Use default value for optional native param [96a976b3]
    + fix error when set RAKUDO_EXCEPTIONS_HANDLER (#2823) [939ea419]
    + Fix typo (and unbreak JVM build) [51455df9]
    + Set max inline size for Perl 6 code on MoarVM [a9b9cdc9]
    + Slightly cheaper hanlding of untyped scalars [17643d49]
    + Emit simpler code for lowered while loop [29ce2ce3]
    + Use a cheaper assignment in array assign slow path [847783e2]
    + Submodule update [abe7d5a9]
    + Only do submodule sync/update when needed. [38980f0d]
    + Use a script to clean up .precomp [4b481194]
    + nfp forgotten file paths [dd250027]
    + Use abs2rel macro for JAR paths where SYSROOT is used too. [6695777e]
    + Submodule update [1385bd26]
    + Better tracking of what needs return handlers [165f9184]
    + Avoid hack involving early return in Test.pm6 [84b0e380]
    + Fix .&fail after better return handler tracking [90722780]
    + Retain current return from default behavior [69c535ec]
    + Don't emit unrequired init code for natives [2eb93b2d]
    + Simplify array fast-path checking [286aa29e]
    + Initialize $!reified/$!todo to a type object [a21cf6ae]
    + Use NQP::Config as an object, not as tied hash [7d2bb288]
    + Don't return internal value from !RE-INITIALIZING [417fa68e]
    + This should fix Windows build. [13d65042]
    + Submodule update [287bbbe9]
    + Fix for wrong location of \t character [0adb7769]
    + Tidify sources [15bbd1b9]
    + Submodule update [3a0a577c]
    + Submodule update [19fbda4e]
    + Fix the default for gen-nqp option [5404c2a2]
    + Submodule update [2f997ca4]
    + Submodule update [1680fbec]
    + Submodule update [a3703710]
    + Merge branch 'more-precise-return-tracking' [2bcb764b]
    + Bump to latset NQP_REVISION [f1c80fdd]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into build-revamp [bf571ed1]
    + Generate an empty BUILDALL for class with no attrs [45e2902d]
    + [JVM] Fix small-ish typos [056e4552]
    + Submodule update [3a4435d8]
    + Don't use nqp::execname on OpenBSD [194e3778]
    + Submodule update [8bd1372c]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into build-revamp [d4024f2f]
    + Add template expansion functionality to [c314acc8]
    + Correct some spacing [8d2fade7]
    + With this commit 'use v6.e.PREVIEW' is now available [7467ab1d]
    + Changed 'production' to 'released' [70d481b2]
    + [JVM] Don't run some newly added sprintf tests [8f1b1bab]
    + Expose newmixintype via Metamodel::Primitives [4702c245]
    + Unbreak subclassing of Parameter [d31fb270]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into add_version_6e [90077d8b]
    + Telemetry: allow snap :heap for heap snapshots [90e18b65]
    + telemetry: allow heap => filename [0c80e067]
    + Make BUILDPLAN generation a bit more robust [f8bd3f38]
    + Fix mis-optimization of BUILDPLAN with MI [a855b9c0]
    + Make stored META data reproducible in CURI [50699817]
    + [JVM] Avoid StringIndexOutOfBoundsException [07b4f743]
    + Support for space in build directory path. [e91668ad]
    + Fix perl6-lldb-m runner [9aec73a7]
    + Removes .PREVIEW from tests closes #2867 [8ec9040b]
    + update planned release dates [cafe628a]
    + Compile and instal in paths with spaces [5935b1dd]
    + Compile and instal in paths with spaces [f12a8c95]
    + Remove Compiler::build-date [019ccf05]
    + Get rid of the build-date in the hll-config [35423a6e]
    + Import symbols into BEGIN time EVAL'ed code in a predictable order [e1f1eb00]
    + Get rid of the timestamp in Distro's desc [2d4d2ca0]
    + Remove unused %opts argument from Perl6::World::load_module_early [bc764c2e]
    + Import symbols from loaded modules in a predictable order. [7926cdd6]
    + Compile a block's exception handlers in predictable order [95af2f4c]
    + Lower lexicals to local in predictable order in optimizer [a2ba5737]
    + Add Enumeration role value comparison methods in predictable order [4af81c36]
    + Compose meta methods in predictable order [5ee341cc]
    + Add a role's methods to the target class in order of declaration [5b8b9c0c]
    + Add methods from role to role in predictable order [5dcc687e]
    + Fix constants getting added in hash order [aa1d1ce0]
    + Add private methods from a role to a class in order of declaration [7b5a9981]
    + Instantiate a role's methods in predictable order [a973dae6]
    + Merge symbols in predictable order when loading modules [4d44bd93]
    + Precompile a dist's modules in predictable order on installation [8ec2c43f]
    + Finalized support for spaces in directory names [99c53c39]
    + Submodule update [46787dac]
    + Fixes for Windows build [141bd4e1]
    + Test reproducibility of precompilation [532d19fc]
    + Converted config var source_digest to macro. [da6d90e4]
    + Submodule update [77fa8a65]
    + Submodule update [e506c8c2]
    + Bump NQP_REVISON for build reproducibility fixes [5669bc92]
    + Work around reproducible-builds.t failing on first run [37b7ef7c]
    + Fix bogus role conflict when the same method is added under multiple names [e274f4a2]
    + Better debug output for failures to build reproducible [5c24182f]
    + Make sure reproducible-builds.t loads NativeCall from lib [c5bc71e3]
    + Fix off-by-one error in infinite range subscript [35b69f07]
    + More fixes for whitespaces support [16ccbeb0]
    + Bump NQP for MAST::Ops and MVMOpInfo optimizations [86d66ea1]
    + Hopefully fix reproducible-builds.t on Windows [ed240af8]
    + Try to get debug output for nmake test on AppVeyor [389ebefe]
    + Close lock file when it's no longer in use in PrecompilationStore::File [cd11b507]
    + Ensure other test files don't interfere with reproducible-builds.t [b0dd44b0]
    + Fix some double frees in the moar runner [134b1baa]
    + Improve ThreadPoolScheduler.cue behaviour when Inf/-Inf/NaN is passed [de76a056]
    + Handle edge cases with :at/:in in CurrentThreadScheduler.cue [c977d6c5]
    + Throw X::Scheduler::CueInNaNSeconds instead of dying [9b46cb90]
    + Run block passed to ThreadPoolScheduler.cue once if :every is Inf [1a19c660]
    + Ensure strncpy null terminates the string, try to fix Linux double free [8fac1099]
    + Fixed extra new lines [f6438b02]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into build-revamp [11129880]
    + Incorporated fixes from the upstream. [f2ccd6fa]
    + Use stat to detect if a file exists in the moar runner [c4f33fce]
    + Get the currect install directory with moar on OpenBSD [afc79c24]
    + Actually fix path handling in the moar runner [474997fc]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into build-revamp [ca690002]
    + Fixed --make-instal [49a4ddbd]
    + Update release_guide.pod [292235ce]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into add_version_6e [2ca4a9b3]
    + Fix for options when only --gen-moar is used [1fceeada]
    + Merge branch 'master' into add_version_6e [430121a1]
    + Spelling fixes [12242ed7]
    + Submodule update [a12004f3]
    + Require Java 9 for JVM backend [ea94966d]
    + Fix compile_in_context with an immediate block [b9f89954]
    + Merge branch 'master' of [2e8031ec]
    + Try to use Xenial for Travis [ee73c883]
    + Submodule update [0e95399b]
    + Submodule update [db664da0]
    + Merge branch 'master' of [fffa2545]
    + Update nqp-configure with jvm fix [ee2297b5]
    + Merge branch 'master' of [59747a29]
    + Remove stray '--' from valgrind runner's moar command line. [9ba51a8b]
    + Merge branch 'master' of [8d14502e]
    + Fix for 'Missing or wrong version of dependency' [87647236]
    + Fix for 'Missing or wrong version of dependency' [caae6e33]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into build-revamp [ccac77a7]
    + With this commit 'use v6.e.PREVIEW' is now available [c24b1875]
    + Changed 'production' to 'released' [b25d7c94]
    + Spelling fixes [70f5e2d5]
    + Trying to get Windows nmake happy [0daee84f]
    + Merge branch 'add_version_6e' of into add_version_6e [01d05a1d]
    + Merge pull request #2902 from vrurg/build-revamp [7a7a23df]
    + Support for latest changes in nqp-configure [adc8e212]
    + Parse `a & a` as a conjunction, not concat Needed to fix jnthn++ for the actual fix [f18af941]
    + Install runner before running install-core-dist.p6 [4e15f205]
    + Fix a problem with checkout out nqp [4816277c]
    + nqp::execname() is no longer a special case on OpenBSD [bf24af86]
    + Bump NQP for regex grammar fixes [f077f57c]
    + Merge pull request #2906 from vrurg/build-revamp [6a7ac561]
    + Change URL of 3rdparty/nqp-configure submodule [0acd27f4]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into build-revamp [55fdc78b]
    + Merge pull request #2910 from vrurg/build-revamp [12ed245c]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into add_version_6e [1aef5d31]
    + Changed handling of revision modifiers [2d7e7aa4]
    + Comment text correction [8ec5a4e7]
    + Fix slurp error during [6e14da54]
    + Merge pull request #2911 from cono/slurp-fix [672fd6e2]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into add_version_6e [389427a0]
    + Allow capture argument to MAIN to accept arguments [410ff564]
    + Get executable name before mangling with argv [79629bde]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into build-revamp [961158a1]
    + Merge pull request #2915 from vrurg/build-revamp [352465fc]
    + Finalizing addition of 6.e [0522259d]
    + Added tests for correct CORE.setting loaded [3f25ba92]
    + Some progress on Profile [f874d790]
    + Make Date.truncate-to('day') a no-op [e943f3eb]
    + Make sure MoarVM::Profiler gets installed [fefe6ded]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into build-revamp [2fb3b231]
    + --backends wasn't passed down to NQP Configure. [c86742ac]
    + Merge pull request #2918 from vrurg/build-revamp [82b4daa6]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into add_version_6e [f3c5ce7c]
    + Merge branch 'master' of [2e8b449e]
    + nqp-configure submodule update [475a21a9]
    + fix excessive quoting in nqp_bin test [de53f43b]
    + Introduce profile_rest [966790a3]
    + Make jvm use PERL6_SPEC for revision-specific builds [09b9e065]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into build-revamp [bba187bb]
    + Get around too long command line. [88218704]
    + nqp-configure submodule update [5624bcaf]
    + Merge pull request #2923 from vrurg/build-revamp [09cb18f4]
    + Merge pull request #2922 from kazcw/fix-with-nqp [aec98872]
    + Merge branch 'master' of [906008f6]
    + Make it build with prefix different from nqp location [2b1e5ab4]
    + Finalized support for explicit and autodetected nqp locations. [63a1b50a]
    + Merge pull request #2927 from vrurg/gh_2919 [e35c6155]
    + Fix for not passing typechecks against explictly parameterized roles. [b1750290]
    + Merge pull request #2932 from vrurg/issue_2698 [747d1fdd]
    + Fix for rakudo/rakudo#2739 [24eb4d59]
    + Merge branch 'issue_2739' of into issue_2739 [e122a62e]
    + Remove redundant MAYBE-STR [d8a41f7e]
    + Added a test to cover raludo/rakudo#2739 [b459183b]
    + Merge pull request #2740 from vrurg/issue_2739 [f02856d3]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into add_version_6e [00bf4a81]
    + Merge pull request #2731 from vrurg/issue_2169 [f1c9e8fa]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into build-revamp [8268513f]
    + Remove the option of seeking for nqp in PATH [e132e476]
    + Don't overwrite config.status with --expand [fd0a4c21]
    + Merge pull request #2935 from vrurg/build-revamp [506ecb64]
    + Move into roast [ed6d91c0]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into add_version_6e [4327173e]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into add_version_6e [ad60fc95]
    + Use a dynamic variable $*CORE-SETTING-REV instead of a routine. [00362541]
    + Delete obsoleted script. [c8b5bd3e]
    + Start documenting the build process. [6ee37f8b]
    + Correct error message [f05e8c91]
    + Additional correction to tests to reflect the latest changes. [8297f241]
    + Dont' deprecate 6.d.PREVIEW yet. [b93201f5]
    + Added description [c5171d43]
    + Merge pull request #2852 from vrurg/add_version_6e [969aa440]
    + Deleted obsolete file. [136e8a43]
    + Corrected stylistic error (autocompletion result) [5e79177d]
    + Fix incorrect handling of unknown 6.c modifiers [0296102e]
    + Merge pull request #2941 from vrurg/add_version_6e [e522d082]
    + Bump NQP version [3b4a4719]
    + Change the value of RAKUDO_FIRST_FLAG to avoid collision with MVM_CF_FORWARDER_VALID [bf61f597]
    + Merge pull request #2950 from dogbert17/fix_RAKUDO_FIRST_FLAG [bd2ceefd]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into issue_2714 [0de0563f]
    + Make v6.* work again. [e51d2adb]
    + Loose requirements, make v6.* match anything. [1655e73c]
    + Merge pull request #2953 from vrurg/rakudo_2952 [89f8f604]
    + Implement support for and [31671f8f]
    + Make parametrized role mach its "parent" class. [41f6f9ea]
    + Make `is export` export role's group [120b8d95]
    + Added test for async bug [b9ad5fd9]
    + move plural s outside bold type [db46aeb3]
    + Fix RI's from-json creating nested arrays on assign [b7e0e894]
    + Followup to corrections from ugexe. [7f69ef1d]
    + Merge pull request #2966 from vrurg/rakudo_1202 [c0c99e77]
    + add tests for #2965 (#2967) [847a2f0d]
    + Bump NQP [80a5a41a]
    + Bump NQP [b8669fe6]
    + Re-arrange top level of Match construction [9dad99b8]
    + Cheapean Match object construction [36fa16bb]
    + Tune handling of positional captures [0e7c6e77]
    + Fast-path for integer case of Str.Numeric [c361736e]
    + Bump NQP version [cbb9034a]
    + ReifiedListIterator can be a PredictiveIterator [9107215a]
    + Avoid a little indirection in split(/regex/) [ce30ff2a]
    + Call !match-list directly in split [bed0695d]
    + Prevent rebuild of nqp without --gen-nqp. [f15f5687]
    + Don't try parse version when no binary found. [f935bd20]
    + Merge pull request #2970 from vrurg/build-revamp [1ccfc013]
    + Remove overlooked debug print. [e3df3752]
    + Merge pull request #2972 from vrurg/build-revamp [8a6a0aea]
    + Merge pull request #2959 from Kaiepi/mem [ab738b4e]
    + Bump NQP [8a37b931]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into issue_2714 [752a870b]
    + Fix copy pasto, spotted by Michael Schroeder [95a7866c]
    + Decontainerize non-scalar symbols upon import [3af3bde7]
    + Merge pull request #2980 from vrurg/EXPORT-bug [6565810f]
    + Make .closed a pure accessor to resolve rakudo/issues/2985 [ef1ea42c]
    + Merge pull request #2987 from dumarchie/#2985 [c416b15e]
    + Unpretty JSON does not need a space after the colon [1d4bcac3]
    + Date: ensure formatter carries on through succ&pred [34c0e892]
    + [JVM] Use --release 9 instead of -source 1.9 [b1fac3d6]
    + You cannot use attributes on type objects [5bdeedcb]
    + only use attribute access for definite objects [f05b1b08]
    + Make List.reverse return a Seq again [8ddc2ad5]
    + Merge branch 'master' of into issue_2714 [5f6c1ba1]
    + [js] Use nqp::uname on the js backend too [8abfbbc4]
    + [js] Add a rakudo.js specific README for npm package [07f6ccc3]
    + [js] Add a basic form of use Foo:from<node.js> [88712199]
    + Make require import any kind of symbols correctly [9dca33b6]
    + [NQP Bump] Brings 13 commits [97334711]
    + Fix paths to *_REVISION files [c5830f4c]
    + Do correct assignment to SetHash [f1512e9f]
    + Revert "Do correct assignment to SetHash" [0c8f960e]
    + Revert "Don't allow junctions as keys for Hash/Map initializations" [0b976264]
    + Revert 7af0fb1 94ba19f 9107215 [090f3f1b]
    + Handle Junctions in Bool context within grep [86523869]
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