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A basic Redis client in Io.
//metadoc Redis Alice Kaerast 2011
/*metadoc Redis description
redis is an open source, advanced key-value store
<br />An example:
myredis := Redis clone connect("")
myredis send("rpush", "foo", "bar")
Redis := Object clone do(
debug ::= true
connect := method(addr,
if(debug, writeln("connecting"))
host := addr split(":") first
port := addr split(":") second asNumber
self socket := Socket clone setHost(host) setPort(port) connect
if(debug, writeln("connected"))
disconnect := method(
socket close
send := method(
methodSize := call message arguments size
i := 0
sendString := ""
while(i < methodSize, sendString := sendString .. call evalArgAt(i) .. " "; i = i + 1)
command := method(cmd,
cmd := cmd split
cmdstring := "*#{cmd size}\r\n" interpolate
i := 0
while(i < cmd size, cmdstring := cmdstring .. "$#{cmd at(i) size}\r\n#{cmd at(i)}\r\n" interpolate; i := i + 1)
cmdstring := cmdstring
socket streamWrite(cmdstring)
response := socket readUntilSeq("\r\n") split
myredis := Redis clone connect("")
myredis send("rpush", "foo", "bar") println
myredis send("exists", "foo") println
myredis send("exists", "bar") println
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