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Cycle.js contributors wanted!

I'm looking for some awesome people to join me in working on some of the Cycle.js projects I've released. Have a look at the list. If you're unsure about anything (such as wanting to help but being unsure if you're able/welcome) please contact me!

Collaborators wanted:

tricycle (difficulty: beginner-advanced)

Tricycle lets you try out Cycle.js in your browser. Try it out here.

Tricycle has lots of opportunities to help out and improvements would make a big difference to the community as for a lot of beginners Tricycle is their first introduction to writing Cycle code. l One of the coolest issues we could tackle is to allow saving and sharing scripts: Widdershin/tricycle#11

A good one for a beginner is allowing the editor to be resized: Widdershin/tricycle#9 (Implemented by the awesome @gm758: Widdershin/tricycle#16)

If you want to have fun with eval and downloading code, you could add support for importing other drivers: Widdershin/tricycle#8

cycle-animation-driver (difficulty: beginner-intermediate)

A driver for requestAnimationFrame to provide smooth animations in Cycle.js. Used for making games, art and all sorts of cool stuff.

This is a very simple project. It's around 30 lines of code all up. If you want to learn about drivers this is for you.

Add support for interval: Widdershin/cycle-animation-driver#7

cycle-canvas (difficulty: beginner-intermediate)

A canvas driver for Cycle.js that I started working on last week. It's maybe 30-40% done?

This is an early stage project so there's both a meaty amount of work to get done but also lots of scope for shaping usage of the library. If you want to learn about drivers, making your own hyperscript, refactoring and making usable libraries, this would be a good project.

There are a few issues open here. I should emphasize that this is a good project for beginners, especially if you want to learn about refactoring.

cycle-time-travel (difficulty: intermediate-advanced)

A time travelling debugger for Cycle. The first version only really time travelled the state of the dom. I'm working on a new version that actually time travels the state of the entire application using cycle-restart.

If you want to learn about making dev tools, wrapping entire applications and rewinding time, this is an exciting project.

If you're interested in collaborating, contact me directly and we can chat.

What you can expect from me

As a maintainer and collaborator, I will

  • Be kind, friendly and considered in my responses
  • Help you grow and further yourself as a developer
  • Encourage you to take on more responsibility and join me as a co-owner
  • Accept and be thankful for any time you can spare
  • Create a safe, welcoming space for people of all backgrounds. I will not tolerate contributors acting harmfully towards other.

What I expect from you

As a contributor, you will

  • Be kind and friendly
  • Treat other collaborators with respect
  • Be willing to learn. If you don't know something, say so! I love helping.
  • Be willing to share. If you do know something, teach us!
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griffinmichl commented Apr 12, 2016

This is really cool of you! I'm still ramping up with cycle, but I am 100% sold on the paradigm. Excited to start contributing to the ecosystem. I hope to start delving into these codebases sometime next week.

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domachine commented Apr 12, 2016

I'm also still a beginner in cycle but I'm willing to help. Really appreciate the great work you've done and do for reactive programming in general! 👍

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monoriver commented Apr 14, 2016

Hi I enjoyed learning the idea behind cycle.js on, am keen to get involved in some projects. I'm thinking perhaps I could start by looking into the canvas project. Thanks.

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