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Nick Johnstone Widdershin

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Widdershin / router-tdd.ts
Created Feb 11, 2017
TDD Router in Cycle.js
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import {mockTimeSource} from '@cycle/time';
import {mockDOMSource} from '@cycle/dom';
describe.only('steve example', () => {
function Router (sources, change$, definitions) {
let instances = {};
function map (attr) {
return change$.map(path => {
if (path in instances) {
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
term = ARGV.join('+')
puts "\033browse{term}\033"
Widdershin / whitespace.txt
Last active Oct 7, 2016
A poem about whitespace
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Never put a new line at the top of a scope
So that you can see the structure of the tree
Always put new lines between things on the same level with different responsibilities
But if you have some things that are alike
And that
Widdershin / producers.js
Last active Sep 18, 2016
xstream producers
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import fs from 'fs';
import assert from 'assert';
import xs from 'xstream';
function xray (url, classToScrape) {
return function scrape (callback) {
// goes and parses internetty stuff
View chained_lookup.rb
class Message
def initialize(method_name, *args, &block)
@method_name = method_name
@args = args
@block = block
def call(value)
value.send(@method_name, *@args, &@block)
View sonic-pi-fun.rb
live_loop :drums do
sample :drum_tom_lo_hard
sleep 0.4
i = 0
live_loop :woo do
sync :drums
if i % 4 == 0 && i % 40 < 20
sample :bass_thick_c
Widdershin / smart-switch.rb
Created Apr 27, 2016
Switch/open tmux sessions with ease using fzf
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'set'
PROJECTS_DIR = '/Users/nickj/Projects/'
def tmux_is_running?
ENV.include? 'TMUX'
Widdershin /
Last active May 2, 2016
Cycle.js contributors wanted!

I'm looking for some awesome people to join me in working on some of the Cycle.js projects I've released. Have a look at the list. If you're unsure about anything (such as wanting to help but being unsure if you're able/welcome) please contact me!

Collaborators wanted:

tricycle (difficulty: beginner-advanced)

Tricycle lets you try out Cycle.js in your browser. Try it out here.

Tricycle has lots of opportunities to help out and improvements would make a big difference to the community as for a lot of beginners Tricycle is their first introduction to writing Cycle code.

View slack-topic-extract.js
$('.search_result_with_extract').toArray().map(function (result) {
var message = $(result).find('.extract_content').text()
var date = $(result).parents(".search_message_result").find('.date_links').text().split('•')[1].trim()
return date + ': ' + message.trim()
}).filter(function (text) {
return text.match(/group's topic/)