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@Willshaw Willshaw/vue-counter.html
Last active Feb 20, 2018

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Simple VueJS counter
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Simple VueJS Counter</title>
<!-- we need the id of the element to attach to the vue application -->
<div id="app">
header tag for the page, will render "The value is: 0" on page load
then {{value}} will change as the increment/decrement buttons are pressed
and they change the value of this.value
<h1>The value is: {{value}}</h1>
<!-- this will display the status message, this.msg -->
<!-- this @click is shorthand for v-on:click="increment" -->
<button @click="increment">Increment</button>
<button @click="decrement">Increment</button>
<!-- we're getting vuejs from -->
<script src=""></script>
// store the vue app in the app variable
var app = new Vue({
// attach the #app element to our application
el: '#app',
// set the data on the applicaiton that can be rendered in the template
// here we have a msg, {{msg}}, this.msg
// and the value, {{value}}, this.value
data: {
msg: 'loading...',
value: 0
// this method is just run once when the app is created
// this is a good place to add event listeners
created: function() {
// we know the app is loaded now, so it's good to update
// the status and let the user know
this.msg = 'App loaded';
// list all methods here that need to be accessed by the template
// they can also be accessed by other methods using this.methodName
methods: {
// increase the value by 1 and update the message
increment: function() {
this.msg = 'Value increased';
// decrease the value by 1 and update the message
decrement: function() {
this.msg = 'Value decreased';
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