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Piotr Gasiorowski WooDzu

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WooDzu /
Created Jan 22, 2019
Compares DNS records across two nameservers. List of subdomains is taken from zone file
# Compares DNS records across two nameservers. List of subdomains is taken from zone file
# Based on
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import Adapter from "ember-data/adapters/json-api";
export default Adapter.extend();
WooDzu /
Created Nov 15, 2016
Run ansible in AWS Lambda
#!/usr/bin/env python2
# Based on:
import os
import sys
from ansible.executor import playbook_executor
from ansible.inventory import Inventory
from ansible.parsing.dataloader import DataLoader
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console.log('Creating kurentoClient');
kurento(ws_uri, function(error, kurentoClient) {
if (error) return wsError(ws, "ERROR 1: Could not find media server at address" + ws_uri + ". Exiting with error " + error);
// Create pipline
console.log('Creating MediaPipline');
kurentoClient.create('MediaPipeline', function(error, pipeline) {
if (error) return wsError(ws, "ERROR 2: " + error);
WooDzu / app.js
Last active Mar 5, 2018
Kurento Player to WebRTC pipeline
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var kurento = require('kurento-client');
var express = require('express');
var app = express();
var path = require('path');
var wsm = require('ws');
app.set('port', process.env.PORT || 8080);
* Definition of constants
root@server [/backup/mysql]# sudo -u ${XB_USER} innobackupex --user=${MYSQL_BACKUP_USER} --password=${MYSQL_BACKUP_PASS} --apply-log --use-memory 2G ${XB_BACKUP}
InnoDB Backup Utility v1.5.1-xtrabackup; Copyright 2003, 2009 Innobase Oy
and Percona LLC and/or its affiliates 2009-2013. All Rights Reserved.
This software is published under
the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991.
Get the latest version of Percona XtraBackup, documentation, and help resources:
my $innodb_data_file_path =
get_option(\%config, $option_defaults_group, 'innodb_data_file_path');
# run ibbackup as a child process
$cmdline = "$option_ibbackup_binary $options";
# Only use --rebuild-indexes in the first xtrabackup call
$cmdline_copy = $cmdline;
if ($option_rebuild_indexes) {
$cmdline = $cmdline . " --rebuild-indexes"
WooDzu / Settings.php
Last active Aug 29, 2015
PhalconeEye - Core\Model\Settings proposal
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| PhalconEye CMS |
| Copyright (c) 2013-2014 PhalconEye Team ( |
| This source file is subject to the New BSD License that is bundled |
| with this package in the file LICENSE.txt. |
| |
WooDzu / phalcon.c
Created Mar 8, 2014
generated from build/32bits
View phalcon.c
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
New BSD License
Copyright (c) 2011-2014, Phalcon Framework Team
All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:
View cphalcon-build-1.3.0.log
Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility Version 11.00.50727.1
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Recreating build dirs
type ext\pcre\php_pcre.def > Release_TS\php5ts.dll.def
ext\phalcon\phalcon.c(3407) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before 'type'
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