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compiling bitcoind on ubuntu-server 12.04
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y git-core build-essential libssl-dev libboost-all-dev libdb5.1-dev libdb5.1++-dev libgtk2.0-dev
git clone
cd bitcoin/src
make -f makefile.unix clean; make -f makefile.unix USE_UPNP= bitcoind
# from #bitcoin-dev:
# sacarlson: USE_UPNP= : don't build upnp, USE_UPNP=0 : build but disable by default, USE_UPNP=1 : build but enable by default
# optionally,
strip bitcoind
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WyseNynja commented Apr 26, 2012

Same commands work for namecoind if you just replace "bitcoin" with "namecoin"

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earthmeLon commented May 20, 2012

Got this error when grabbing bitcoind from apt on Ubuntu 12.04

"version" : 32400
"errors" : "URGENT: upgrade required, see for details"

Thanks for the quick solution.

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depperson commented Sep 4, 2013

I needed to add libminiupnpc-dev and libminiupnpc8. Thanks for the notes.

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b1nary commented Jan 23, 2014

damn... didnt see the gtk, now the uninstall procedure can beginn... -.-

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azilber commented Feb 28, 2014

Don't use libdb5.1 unless you enjoy having a non-portable wallet.dat

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virtuexru commented May 13, 2014

To find out how to setup your own bitcoind daemon server running locally on virtualbox & ubuntu, you can check out my guide here: Guide to compile & install Bitcoind on Ubuntu 12.04 using VirtualBox

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kostaz commented Aug 11, 2014

Nothing is said here about a correct version of Berkley DB, which has to be db4 or something.
Otherwise, the built-in wallet becomes incompatible.

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