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XoroshiroNOT / XoroshiroNOT.c
Last active Sep 28, 2020
XoroshiroNOT PRNG
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XoroshiroNOT PRELIMINARY BETA RELEASE v0.10 (for testing only, as defects unknown to the author may exist, thus all below claims must be independently verified).
XoroshiroNOT Pseudo-Random Number Generator, © Christopher Rutz, All Rights Reserved. Contact information below.
XoroshiroNOT is an extrapolation of xoroshiro++, by S. Vigna and D. Blackman.
XoroshiroNOT may also be referred to as Xoroshiro++- or Xoroshiroppm.
XoroshiroNOT purports to improve upon their work by over-provisioning the underlying xoroshiro state by 50% and flipping the rotate/shift direction, thus providing these many features and characteristics:
1. Near-ideal pseudo randomness within a given period that is (perhaps uniquely) explicitly defined by, but greater than that inherent in, the underlying (xoroshiro) base generator randomness and period:
A. Randomness period = wordsize^2 - 1, which is easily testable with 8-bit byte and 16-bit word size versions.
B. 16-bit word, 32-bit dword and 64-bit qword versions pass TestU01 BigCr