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Last active May 16, 2019
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PHP - Rewrite dependencies classes

Class Alias


namespace Shop\Models;

use Shop\Models\Address as AddressClass;

/** @var Address parent */
class_alias(defined('AddressClass') ? AddressClass : Address::class, 'ThingPink\Shop\Models\AddressClass');

 * Class BillingAddress
 * @package Shop\Models
class BillingAddress extends AddressClass
  • Can simply extend the class that we need to overwrite some function and point the alias to it (do not need rewrite the entire class)
  • Every file with this strategy lose IDE type hints from parent and eventually every type hints for classes with this strategy
  • Need to add this alias code to EVERY class in order to make em "replaceable"

Class overwrite


  "autoload": {
    "psr-4": {
      "Shop\\Models\\": "./extended"

Where inside the ./extended folder exists the class(es) that you want to reimplement.

  • Do not need to change a thing in vendor classes in order to adapt extensibility
  • IDE automatically just read the "overwritten" version, meaning that we get out of the box all the IDE hints
  • Need to rewrite entire classes (instead just extend em and overwrite the desired changes)
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