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Generate a MP4 Video for your Git project commits using Gource!
# 1.install gource using HomeBrew
$ brew install gource
# 2.install avconv
git clone git://
cd libav
# it will take 3-5 minutes to complie, be patient.
./configure --disable-yasm
make && make install
# 3.generate a video for you repo.
$ cd your_repo_dir
$ gource \
-s .06 \
-1280x720 \
--auto-skip-seconds .1 \
--multi-sampling \
--stop-at-end \
--key \
--highlight-users \
--hide mouse,progress \
--file-idle-time 0 \
--max-files 0 \
--background-colour 000000 \
--font-size 22 \
--title "This is video Title @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@" \
--output-ppm-stream - \
--output-framerate 30 \
| avconv -y -r 30 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i - -b 65536K movie.mp4
# It's Done! Just share the video with your teammates, Have fun!
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ghost commented Jul 3, 2013


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gibffe commented Sep 15, 2015


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orrymr commented Apr 9, 2016


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wITTus commented Jul 27, 2016

The old avconv command may be substituted by ffmpeg, parameters are the same.

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How to use this? I get a lot of errors, with unknown commands etc..

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gbolcer commented May 14, 2018

Thanks, this is really useful. However, the generated video doesn't fit into the window. It only shows the upper left quadrant. The gource command renders the video correctly, but when I play the file back, it's like it didn't pay attention to the resolution settings. Any ideas?

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