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Danil Yarantsev Yardanico

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View gist:34c7cc4be173786359386eb2a465ce8d
CC: compiler_koch
Error: invocation of external compiler program failed. No such file or directory
Additional info: Could not find command: '/bin/sh'. OS error: No such file or directory 2
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nim.nim(121) nim
nim.nim(77) handleCmdLine
main.nim(167) mainCommand
main.nim(74) commandCompileToC
modules.nim(240) compileProject
modules.nim(180) compileModule
passes.nim(218) processModule
passes.nim(136) processTopLevelStmt
cgen.nim(1337) myProcess
ccgstmts.nim(1163) genStmts
View gist:7422b7c80ae945387538b7ced59cc1aa
/home/tiber/stuff/nlvm/nlvm/nimcache/llgen.o: In function `add_BZDxkHufyxnxOdirpHMKRg(unsigned char, char*, unsigned long long, unsigned int, void*)':
/home/tiber/stuff/nlvm/nlvm/nimcache/llgen.c:27353: undefined reference to `LLVMNimDIBuilderCreateBasicType(tyObject_DIBuilder_sPte9bVxDg6xXfmAqEwh1Og*, char*, unsigned long long, unsigned int)'
/home/tiber/stuff/nlvm/nlvm/nimcache/llgen.o: In function `debugGetFile_b53tDsI4Mt2iuuXOrTeirg(tyObject_LLGenObj_jb9aF0IFhpKDYHmJ5jeqOCw*, int)':
/home/tiber/stuff/nlvm/nlvm/nimcache/llgen.c:5099: undefined reference to `LLVMNimDIBuilderCreateFile(tyObject_DIBuilder_sPte9bVxDg6xXfmAqEwh1Og*, char*, char*)'
/home/tiber/stuff/nlvm/nlvm/nimcache/llgen.o: In function `debugStructType_kXAsqnfOOudFZxbv7JyWug_2(tyObject_LLGenObj_jb9aF0IFhpKDYHmJ5jeqOCw*, tyObject_TType_LTUWCZolpovw9cWE3JBWSUw*)':
/home/tiber/stuff/nlvm/nlvm/nimcache/llgen.c:5913: undefined reference to `LLVMNimDIBuilderCreateStructType(tyObject_DIBuilder_sPte9bVxDg6xXfmAqEwh1Og*, tyObject_OpaqueNimMetadata_6qV
View thr.nim
import httpclient, locks, json, strutils, sequtils, os
threads: array[3, Thread[int]]
chans: array[3, Channel[string]]
echoLock: Lock
proc echoTrue(chanId: int) {.thread.} =
let url = chans[chanId].recv()
View asda.nim
template unpackInt*(s: Stream, format: string): int =
## Unpack one or more bytes into an ``int``.
## The format can be "b", "B" or endiannes
## followed by input type: "<I", ">h", "!H"
## .. code-block:: nim
## unpackInt("\x7f\xff", ">h") == 32767
## ====== ====================== ====
## symbol endianness size
View wrong.nim
Iterable[T] = concept it
# items() iterator
for item in items(it):
type(item) is T
proc cycle*[T](s: Iterable[T], n: Natural): seq[T] =
when compiles(s.len):
result = newSeqOfCap[T](n * s.len)
View tat.nim
import macros, tables
macro echoType(x: typed): untyped =
let impl = x.symbol.getImpl()
# we're called on some type
if impl.kind == nnkTypeDef:
echo "type ", toStrLit(impl)
# we're called on a variable
View gist:7a042bf55895a7cb763a03c72ebd52b6
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: nginx
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2017 19:12:15 GMT
Content-Type: application/json
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Connection: keep-alive
X-Powered-By: Express
X-Server-ID: apps-01
View ddd.nim
import macros
macro doNothing(input: untyped): untyped =
echo treeRepr input
result = input
echo input.toStrLit
echo "hello world"
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