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dmpanch / howto_create_online_radio_macos_sierra.txt
Last active June 30, 2024 06:14
How to create internet radio on MacOS Sierra 10.12
All actions are performed in
1. Install Homebrew
2. Install Jack (route audio tool) Current stable version from official website doesn't work with
MacOS Sierra (I use 10.12.3) so you need to download beta version from there
After installing reboot your computer.
3. Install Darkice (audio streamer) via brew.
Vestride /
Last active June 5, 2024 14:38
Encoding video for the web

Encoding Video


Install FFmpeg with homebrew. You'll need to install it with a couple flags for webm and the AAC audio codec.

brew install ffmpeg --with-libvpx --with-libvorbis --with-fdk-aac --with-opus
haswalt / .gitconfig
Created February 4, 2013 18:00
My global git config
name = Harry Walter
email = ***********
[branch "master"]
remote = origin
merge = refs/heads/master
diff = auto
christophermanning /
Last active March 30, 2023 04:24
Voronoi Diagram with Force Directed Nodes and Delaunay Links

Created by Christopher Manning


Nodes are linked to nodes in neighboring cells. The cell's color is a function of its area.

The white lines are the Delaunay triangulation and the purple cells are the Voronoi diagram.