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Modernizr Unicode character detection plugin
* Unicode special character support
* Detection is made by testing missing glyph box rendering against star character
* If widths are the same, this "probably" means the browser didn't support the star character and rendered a glyph box instead
* Just need to ensure the font characters have different widths
Modernizr.addTest('unicode', function() {
var bool,
missingGlyph = document.createElement('span'),
star = document.createElement('span');
Modernizr.testStyles('#modernizr{font-family:Arial,sans;}', function(node) {
missingGlyph.innerHTML = '&#5987';
star.innerHTML = '&#9734';
bool = 'offsetWidth' in missingGlyph && missingGlyph.offsetWidth !== star.offsetWidth;
return bool;
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