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LuxerOne Package Delivery notifications with Pushcuts and IFTTT Pro
// # LuxerOne Package Delivery
// Office 365 Mail to Pushcuts
// Requires IFTTT Pro
// If you live in an apartment building with
// a LuxerOne locker system for packages,
// you can make an action that looks for new
// emails from `` and send
// a Pushcuts notification that allows you to
// tap to view the QR code to redeem your
// package.
const codeRe = new RegExp('\\d{6}', 'im')
const qrRe = new RegExp('\\d{8}/[a-z0-9]{40}', 'im')
const code = Office365Mail.newEmailFrom.BodyPreview.match(codeRe)
const qr = Office365Mail.newEmailFrom.Body.match(qrRe)
if (qr && code) {
Pushcut.sendNotification.setTitle(`Your package has arrived! Code: ${code[0]}`)
Pushcut.sendNotification.setText('View QR code')
} else {
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