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Last active Sep 4, 2020
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Related Github issues and their status for my talk about UX and usability problems in the new WordPress block editor (aka Gutenberg) at WordCamp Osnabrück 2019

Mailto-Link missing:

Polluted Search:

Column bug:

Spacer UX:

This is not really a bug, I was just confused because of the step and min usage, because it is not documented and I don't exptected it. There is no issue about this specific issue, but some related issues:

PDF link issue:

Heading alignment missing in toolbar:

"Hidden" options:

This is not a bug. It is just not easy to find ...

Normalizing to NFC:

"Disable the visual editor when writing" does not make sense in a Gutenberg world:

Broken blocks - I haven't found a good issue for that, but maybe this comment can be a start:

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