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Delete a vSAN Disk Group Forcefully
Author: K. Chris Nakagaki
Use at your own risk, simply listed here for demonstration purposes to use how you see fit.
<# Get the host w/ problem disk group #>
$VMhost = Get-VMHost NameofHostwithProblemDiskGroup
<# ESXCLI Connection #>
$VMHostCLI = $VMHost | Get-ESXCLI -V2
<# Find your problem disk group UUID, in this case I'm looking for a disk group that doesn't exist (blank) #>
$BadDisks = $ | Where-Object {$_.vsandiskgroupname -eq ""}
<# Your capacity disks should all have the same vSAN Disk Group UUID, we're just confirming it here. #>
$BadDiskGroup = $BadDisks | Select-Object -Unique -Property vsandiskgroupuuid
<# This should return only one assuming you only have one bad disk group, if more than one, then you might have more issues. #>
<# Below is destructive, only do it if you are ABSOLUTELY sure of what you are doing #>
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