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Last active November 13, 2017 11:28
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Shows how to get generated key from Postgres with sql2o
Sql2o sql2o = new Sql2o(url, user, pass);
// Get generated key from SERIAL column
public void testKeyKeyOnSerial() {
String createTableSql = "create table test_serial_table (id serial primary key, val varchar(20))";
String insertSql = "insert into test_serial_table(val) values ('something')";
Long key = sql2o.createQuery(insertSql, true).executeUpdate().getKey(Long.class);
assertThat(key, equalTo(1L));
key = sql2o.createQuery(insertSql, true).executeUpdate().getKey(Long.class);
assertThat(key, equalTo(2L));
// Get generated key from integer column with inserted sequence value
public void testGetKeyOnSequence(){
String createSequenceSql = "create sequence testseq";
String createTableSql = "create table test_seq_table (id integer primary key, val varchar(20))";
String insertSql = "insert into test_seq_table(id, val) values (nextval('testseq'), 'something')";
Long key = connection.createQuery(insertSql, true).executeUpdate().getKey(Long.class);
assertThat(key, equalTo(1L));
key = connection.createQuery(insertSql, true).executeUpdate().getKey(Long.class);
assertThat(key, equalTo(2L));
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