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Installation instructions

During these workshops, you'll need to use your own laptop for practical exercises.

Any operating system is allowed, but some installation variations may apply. The following software needs to be installed:

  • Git (available through package managers or for Windows)
  • SSH (it is installed by default on MacOS and Linux-based machines, but for Windows it is recommended to install Git for Windows with full set of tools)

You will also need to create a <> account:

For Terraform (26.11.2019) workshop we will need:

For Kubernetes (28.11.2019) workshop we will need:

Specifically for Windows machine owners, the following set of tools is recommended:

Docker installation

Docker on Windows

Option 1: Docker Desktop

If you have Windows 10 and HyperV enabled then the best option will be installing Docker for Windows.

Option 2: Docker VM

If you have older version of Windows, then you can use Docker Toolbox to install a VM with Docker engine inside:

Docker on MacOS

For MacOS the best option is to install

Docker on Linux

Docker on remote machine

If none of the above methods work for you, then a remote Docker host will be provided during the workshop to which you can connect and use as a way to play with Docker directly.

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