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Ahmad Alhour aalhour

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danmackinlay /
Created August 27, 2009 07:07
an init.d script for supervisord
#! /bin/sh
# Provides: supervisord
# Required-Start: $remote_fs
# Required-Stop: $remote_fs
# Default-Start: 2 3 4 5
# Default-Stop: 0 1 6
# Short-Description: Example initscript
# Description: This file should be used to construct scripts to be
# placed in /etc/init.d.
didip / supervisord-example.conf
Created January 30, 2011 05:10
Example configuration file for supervisord.conf
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file=/tmp/supervisor.sock ; path to your socket file
logfile=/var/log/supervisord/supervisord.log ; supervisord log file
logfile_maxbytes=50MB ; maximum size of logfile before rotation
logfile_backups=10 ; number of backed up logfiles
loglevel=error ; info, debug, warn, trace
pidfile=/var/run/ ; pidfile location
nodaemon=false ; run supervisord as a daemon
Created March 8, 2011 22:11
A module for asynchronous PostgreSQL queries in Tornado.
#!/usr/bin/env python
__author__ = 'Frank Smit <>'
__version__ = '0.1.0'
import functools
import psycopg2
from tornado.ioloop import IOLoop, PeriodicCallback
dstufft / gist:997475
Created May 29, 2011 04:48
Configuration Files for Nginx + Gunicorn + Supervisord
We couldn’t find that file to show.
simonhayward /
Created August 8, 2011 08:52
Gunicorn settings file
import multiprocessing
# The socket to bind.
bind = ""
# The maximum number of pending connections.
backlog = 2024
# The number of worker process for handling requests
workers = multiprocessing.cpu_count() * 2 + 1
# The type of workers to use. (sync|eventlet|gevent|tornado)
worker_class = 'gevent'
TimFletcher /
Created August 20, 2011 14:45
Gunicorn Startup Script
# Place the script in the file - /etc/init.d/gunicorn or whatever you'd like to call it
# make it executable - chmod +x /etc/init.d/gunicorn
# And finally, wire it up - update-rc.d gunicorn defaults
methane / gist:2185380
Created March 24, 2012 17:28
Tornado Example: Delegating an blocking task to a worker thread pool from an asynchronous request handler
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from time import sleep
from tornado.httpserver import HTTPServer
from tornado.ioloop import IOLoop
from tornado.web import Application, asynchronous, RequestHandler
from multiprocessing.pool import ThreadPool
_workers = ThreadPool(10)
def run_background(func, callback, args=(), kwds={}):
def _callback(result):
axefrog / 0.suffixtree.cs
Last active December 7, 2022 19:17
C# Suffix tree implementation based on Ukkonen's algorithm. Full explanation here:
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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
namespace SuffixTreeAlgorithm
public class SuffixTree
matthewmccullough / game-theory-books.markdown
Created May 17, 2012 22:10
Game Theory Book list by Matthew McCullough
View game-theory-books.markdown

Economics & Software Development - Book List

The following books are ordered in descending order of Matthew's preference.

The Art of Strategy

by Avinash K. Dixit

Recommended by Ted Neward. A different perspective and writing style from the other volumes listed.

“I am hard pressed to think of another book that can match the combination of practical insights and reading enjoyment.”—Steven Levitt

jboner / latency.txt
Last active February 4, 2023 10:23
Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know
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Latency Comparison Numbers (~2012)
L1 cache reference 0.5 ns
Branch mispredict 5 ns
L2 cache reference 7 ns 14x L1 cache
Mutex lock/unlock 25 ns
Main memory reference 100 ns 20x L2 cache, 200x L1 cache
Compress 1K bytes with Zippy 3,000 ns 3 us
Send 1K bytes over 1 Gbps network 10,000 ns 10 us
Read 4K randomly from SSD* 150,000 ns 150 us ~1GB/sec SSD