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filter <- dplyr::filter
select <- dplyr::select
qualtrics <- read.csv("PPAuthenticity2SPAPR15.csv", stringsAsFactors = FALSE) %>%
filter(grepl("^95", ID)) %>% # remove responses without student ID
rename(adskep_2 = adskep_10,
adskep_3 = adskep_11,
adskep_4 = adskep_12,
adskep_5 = adskep_13,
View qualtrics.r
# 1. You will need to do a one-time install of the dplyr package (code on next line).
# install.packages("dplyr")
# 2. make sure to name the student ID column "ID" in both files
# 3. files must have two header rows (qualtrics-style) and be in .csv format
# 4. update all three of the following variables and don't forget the quotes!
qualtrics_file <- "Authenticity2.csv"
demos_file <- "Spring 2015 Demos %28UPPER 3-8%29 (1).csv"
save_location <- "C:/Users/abc/Downloads"
### shouldn't need to modify below this line ####
View gist:485bd28d54eb55f8a76f
<a href="">My friends' restaurant</a>
<i>Italic</i> versus <strong>Bold</strong>
<h1>Header 1</h1>
<h2>Header 2</h2>
<p>Regular paragraph</p>
View gist:ddb6edcfbdd1445de598
<a href="">Aaron's twitter page</a>
View Independence tests
type.1 <- NULL
p.values <- NULL
all.p <- NULL
for (j in 1:100){
for (i in 1:1000){
indy <- sample(1:2,29, replace=TRUE)
inter <- sample(1:2,31, replace=TRUE)
indy.c <- count(indy)[,2]
inter.c <- count(inter)[,2]
View gist:2a58914de3471052f798
## model selection
# This is Max Kuhn's tutorial on caret:
str(Sonar[, 1:10])
View gist:6e3e76907875f4e2e43e
# here is the data:
# You'll need to remove the first two lines and save a .csv file
markets <- read.csv("farmers-market.csv") <- markets %>%
View gist:b1ce016b7ea320423e93
# Study 1A
# find numbers for chi square table
indy_affect <- round(.552*29)
inter_affect <- round(.29*31)
inter_cog <- round(.71*31)
View gist:ef72963abe904bbed5d4
pf(q=6.21, df1=1, df2=132, lower.tail=FALSE) # interaction self-construal and mood
pf(q=4, df1=1, df2=132, lower.tail=FALSE)
pf(q=2.33, df1=1, df2=132, lower.tail=FALSE)
View gist:72bc1b5a52b483a5eaab
# chi-squared test
chisq.test(tbl) # Yate's continuity correction is the default
chisq.test(tbl, correct=FALSE) # no Yate's continuity correction
fisher.test(tbl) # fisher's exact test for count data
chisq.test(tbl, simulate.p.value=T, B=999) # Markov chain
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