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Project report for GSoC 2021

Project Report - GSoC 2021

Organization - Postman

Sub-Organization - AsyncAPI

Project - AsyncAPI Diff

Mentor - Vinit Shahdeo, Anubhav Vats

Source code for the project here.

Brief description of the project

AsyncDiff is a library that compares two AsyncAPI files and provides information about the differences by pointing out explicitly information like breaking changes.


  • Implement the AsyncAPI diff library
  • Make a react component for this library to be used in AsyncAPI studio.

PRs and Issues

All the PR opened by me: link

All the issues created by me: link

Work done

  • Implemented the AsyncAPI diff library
  • Added the documentations


  • Integrating AsyncAPI diff into AsyncAPI studio(as per the proposal).


Complete. The above-mentioned goals have been achieved and each PR has been merged into the codebase.

The requirement for integration into AsyncAPI studio has been delayed since the AsyncAPI studio is still in its early phase.

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