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class ExamplesController extends AppController {
public $fileCounts = array( );
public function countFilesByExtension( $fileExtension, $directoryPath ){
return $this->setFileCounts( $fileExtension, count( glob( "{$directory}*.{$fileExtension}" )));
public function setFileCounts( $key, $value = null ){
$this->fileCounts[ $key ] = $value;
public function generateFileCounts( array $fileExtensions, $directoryPath ){
foreach( $fileExtensions as $fileExtension ){
$this->countFilesByExtension( $fileExtension, $directoryPath );
public function index( ){
$extensions = array( 'jpg', 'gif', 'png' );
$this->generateFileCounts( $extensions, "../images/team/harry/" );
debug( $this->fileCounts );
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