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Last active Aug 12, 2017
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Press release scrape for - verbose output to console and saves to text file
Because this code take so long to run as-coded below, I recommended to follow it
up with a check for file duplicates (fdupes -dN in linux seems to work)
After downloading, you can combine them into a single corpus file by concatenating:
find . -name "*.txt" -exec cat '{}' ';' > dirty.txt
Then you can use whatever means you wish to clean up the text and remove unicode symbols
and so on
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from glob import glob
from os import makedirs
from os.path import join
from urllib.parse import urljoin
import requests
PAGE_PATTERN = '/prpage/best?page='
MAX_PAGES = 2497
makedirs('press-releases', exist_ok=True)
# Gather up all the index pages
# for each year
for page in range(MAX_PAGES+1):
this_url = BASE_URL + PAGE_PATTERN + str(page)
this_page = requests.get(this_url)
soup = BeautifulSoup(this_page.content, 'lxml')
i = 0
for hed in soup.find_all('h2'):
href = hed.find('a').attrs['href']
landed_url = urljoin(BASE_URL, href)
print("Downloading from...", landed_url)
pr_page = requests.get(landed_url)
pr_soup = BeautifulSoup(pr_page.content, 'lxml')
pr_text = pr_soup.find(class_ = 'content-press_release').text
pr_text = pr_text.replace("Printer-friendly version", "", 1)
pr_text = pr_text.replace("\n\n", "")
i += 1
text_file = open('press-releases/' + str(page) + '-' + str(i) + '.txt', "w")
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