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Created Mar 30, 2010
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moonpolysoft10:07:19goddammit the train is getting in, someone save this scrollback for me
argv010:07:24i got u
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You have returned from away.
abhay10:07:45where is this going on
You have returned from away.
abhay10:07:49the shitshow
benblack110:08:01oof: hope you planned to meet in a public place and never leave your drink unattended
argv010:08:09yeah no shit
benblack110:08:24no means nosql
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takeo10:08:30man son a bitch, i never got any townhog credit from my affiliate link
oof10:08:33i'll let juicyfruit roofie me for the team
oof10:08:46besides, my years of date raping have left me immune
benblack110:08:59built up a tolerance
abhay10:09:04yeah me neither takeo
abhay10:09:08you clicked on mine right?
takeo10:09:19i know dave got credit though
takeo10:09:23or at least emails
benblack110:09:48pissedmyboo4965 has requested to follow your tweets on Twitter!
takeo10:09:52should i nominate cliff for a ruby hero award
oof10:09:57sorry about the date raping joke, mom
oof10:11:23(i learned it from you, dad)
abhay10:11:33i don't know if he has, takeo
takeo10:11:59abhay: he said he got emails that same day
oof10:12:03townhog sounds like a gay dating site
abhay10:12:21oh. huh. i don't know if he actually got the credits we'll see what he says
abhay10:12:23KirinDave: ping
oof10:12:44ah so townhog is a groupon clone
takeo10:13:00but they did a good deal for cento
benblack110:13:11townhog SHOULD be a gay dating site
oof10:13:12groupon deals have not been enticing me
takeo10:13:17oh huh, townhog is actually on ritch
takeo10:13:36should go raise hell for my credits
oof10:13:39i feel like groupon wants me to like do yoga and be in touch with my inner spirit and shit
oof10:13:43i need drunkon
benblack110:14:07is there no booze group buy site?
takeo10:14:22AND IDEA
oof10:14:30i couldnt find a suitably web2.0 happy hour finder, either
takeo10:15:43i want to see sites in 2 weeks not available is though
abhay10:16:29heh is perfect
benblack1 is now known as benblack.
benblack10:17:02oof can hook up the semantic booze search
abhay10:17:20$230 / year registration
takeo10:17:21mine twitter for the *really* important shit
takeo10:17:28been had
benblack10:17:42what country is kn?
abhay10:17:53st. kitts and nevis
benblack10:18:02with the volcano
oof10:18:03by the way, anyone know anyone in syria?
abhay10:18:06yep, ben
oof10:18:15the syrian govt are straight up bitches about .sy
benblack10:18:25i think you mean they are a big
abhay10:18:29must be something about them being bombed all the time
oof10:18:30trying to figure out who to pay off
oof10:18:36and/or bomb
abhay10:18:49hey takeo what's your email?
abhay10:18:57that you used for townhog
takeo10:18:58speaking of which, serbia is being a pain in the ass about domains too
abhay10:19:08serbia: been had bombs. they're barely recovering
abhay10:19:22have a heart guys
oof10:19:23bombs and bad domains are causally linked
abhay10:19:26they're suffering
oof10:19:39if i were the semantic web i would tell you that you could achieve world peace through efficient registrar operation
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