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[abhay@boreas ~]$ dig @
;; Query time: 92 msec
[abhay@boreas ~]$ dig @
;; Query time: 20 msec
[abhay@boreas ~]$ dig @
;; Query time: 260 msec
[abhay@boreas ~]$ dig @
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query = new Riak.Query();
query.input = 'people';
query.addMapper(function(value, keyData, arg) {
if (value.age && value.age < 18) {
return [value];
} else {
return [];
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moonpolysoft10:07:19goddammit the train is getting in, someone save this scrollback for me
argv010:07:24i got u
moonpolysoft left the chat room. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
You have returned from away.
abhay10:07:45where is this going on
You have returned from away.
abhay10:07:49the shitshow
benblack110:08:01oof: hope you planned to meet in a public place and never leave your drink unattended
argv010:08:09yeah no shit
benblack110:08:24no means nosql
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* Jay's Cheesesteaks (many seitan flavors)
* Ike's Place (tons of amazing veggie sandwiches)
* Toaster Oven (Potbelly's clone)
* Freddie's Sandwiches (in north beach if you don't want to go all the way to, or wait in the line at, ike's)
* Papalote (their house salsa is the best IN THE WORLD)
* El Buen Sabor (my favorite super veggie burrito)
* Taqueria Cancún (classic mission burrito; open till 2am on fri/sat, 1am other days, I think)
abhay / PagerDuty.vcf
Created Jun 9, 2012
Contact card for PagerDuty numbers
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PRODID:-//Apple Inc.//iOS 5.1.1//EN
FN:Pager Duty
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