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Explicit L2 cache overrides using EM and query hints
public class YetAnotherEmployeeManager {
EntityManager em;
public Employee getByPrimaryKey(String employeeID){
Map<String,Object> searchProp = new HashMap<>();
searchProp.put("javax.persistence.cache.storeMode", CacheStoreMode.BYPASS); //don't put the employee into the L2 cache
return em.find(Employee.class, employeeID);
public Employee getByOrganization(String orgID){
TypedQuery<Employee> query = em.createQuery("SELECT e FROM Employees e WHERE e.orgID = :orgId", Employee.class);
query.setHint("javax.persistence.cache.storeMode", CacheRetrieveMode.REFRESH);
query.setParameter("orgId", orgId);
return query.getSingleResult();
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