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CCExtractor Output
$ ccextractor $something.mkv
CCExtractor 0.87, Carlos Fernandez Sanz, Volker Quetschke.
Teletext portions taken from Petr Kutalek's telxcc
Input: $something.mkv
[Extract: 1] [Stream mode: Autodetect]
[Program : Auto ] [Hauppage mode: No] [Use MythTV code: Auto]
[Timing mode: Auto] [Debug: No] [Buffer input: No]
[Use pic_order_cnt_lsb for H.264: No] [Print CC decoder traces: No]
[Target format: .srt] [Encoding: UTF-8] [Delay: 0] [Trim lines: No]
[Add font color data: Yes] [Add font typesetting: Yes]
[Convert case: No] [Video-edit join: No]
[Extraction start time: not set (from start)]
[Extraction end time: not set (to end)]
[Live stream: No] [Clock frequency: 90000]
[Teletext page: Autodetect]
[Start credits text: None]
[Quantisation-mode: CCExtractor's internal function]
Opening file: $something.mkv
File seems to be a Matroska/WebM container
Analyzing data in Matroska mode
Document type: matroska
Timecode scale: 1000000
Muxing app: libebml v1.3.1 + libmatroska v1.4.2
Writing app: mkvmerge v8.2.0 ('World of Adventure') 64bit
Title: $something
Track entry:
Track number: 1
UID: 1
Type: video
Language: mal
Name: $something
Track entry:
Track number: 2
UID: 2
Type: audio
Codec ID: A_MPEG/L3
Language: mal
Name: $something
Track entry:
Track number: 3
UID: somenumber
Type: subtitle
Name: $something
99% | 144:34
100% | 144:34
Output file: $
Done, processing time = 6 seconds
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