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Pre and Post boot scripts
#Test that our connection to cloud sql is good
ping-connection-pool --user admin --passwordfile /tmp/password.txt jdbc/cloudsql-pool
#deploy the app
deploy /opt/application.war
#Change admin user password to something safer than empty string
change-admin-password admin --passwordfile /tmp/changepassword.txt
#Add our google cloud sql resource
add-resources --user admin --passwordfile /tmp/password.txt /opt/resource.xml
#enabled secure admin
enable-secure-admin --interactive=false --user admin --passwordfile /tmp/password.txt
#!/usr/bin/env bash
/opt/payara41/bin/asadmin --user admin --passwordfile /tmp/changepassword.txt start-domain --verbose --postbootcommandfile /opt/postboot-script.txt --prebootcommandfile /opt/preboot-script.txt payaradomain
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