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Andreas Brekken abrkn

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hedgehog / gist:386057
Created May 1, 2010
EC2 AMI with chef-server installed
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# From list post by John Merrells <>
# Modified by Mike Bailey <>
echo "-----" >> $logfile
# New sources.list
cat > /etc/apt/sources.list << EOF
matthewmccullough / git-deletealltags.bsh
Created Apr 1, 2011
Script to delete all tags both locally and remotely
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for t in `git tag`
git push origin :$t
git tag -d $t
tvandervossen / gist:1231476
Created Sep 21, 2011
Mobile Safari viewport sizes on iOS 4.3 and 5
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1024 × 690 In landscape on iOS 4.3
1024 × 672 In landscape on iOS 5
768 × 946 In portrait on iOS 4.3
768 × 928 In portrait on iOS 5
1024 × 660 Always showing bookmarks bar in landscape on iOS 4.3
1024 × 644 Always showing bookmarks bar in landscape on iOS 5
768 × 916 Always showing bookmarks bar in portrait on iOS 4.3
hileon / gist:1311735
Created Oct 25, 2011 — forked from lucasfais/gist:1207002
Sublime Text 2 - Useful Shortcuts
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Sublime Text 2 – Useful Shortcuts (Windows)


Ctrl+KB toggle side bar
Ctrl+Shift+P command prompt
Ctrl+` python console
Ctrl+N new file


bradland /
Last active Nov 18, 2020
SSH known_hosts tools
# This is a short collection of tools that are useful for managing your
# known_hosts file. In this case, I'm using the '-f' flag to specify the
# global known_hosts file because I'll be adding many deploy users on this
# system. Simply omit the -f flag to operate on ~/.ssh/known_hosts
# Add entry for host
ssh-keyscan -H >> /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts
# Scan known hosts
ssh-keygen -f /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts -F
paulirish / rAF.js
Last active Jun 23, 2021
requestAnimationFrame polyfill
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// requestAnimationFrame polyfill by Erik Möller. fixes from Paul Irish and Tino Zijdel
// MIT license
(function() {
var lastTime = 0;
var vendors = ['ms', 'moz', 'webkit', 'o'];
rn0 / README.markdown
Created Feb 20, 2012 — forked from gudbergur/README.markdown
Bootstrap's Typeahead plugin extended (allowing for AJAX functionality) among other things
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This is an extension to Bootstrap Typeahead that adds minimal but powerful extensions.

For example, process typeahead list asynchronously and return objects

  # This example does an AJAX lookup and is in CoffeeScript
    # source can be a function
    source: (typeahead, query) ->
      # this function receives the typeahead object and the query string
simenbrekken / uploader.js
Created May 2, 2012
Fetch, resize via ImageMagick and store image on Amazon S3 with node.js
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var spawn = require('child_process').spawn,
aws2js = require('aws2js'),
http = require('http'),
urlutil = require('url')
mime = require('mime'),
Buffers = require('buffers');
var settings = {
s3: {
key: 'key',
Goles / CountryCodes.json
Created Jul 29, 2012
Country and Dial or Phone codes in JSON format
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[{"name":"Israel","dial_code":"+972","code":"IL"},{"name":"Afghanistan","dial_code":"+93","code":"AF"},{"name":"Albania","dial_code":"+355","code":"AL"},{"name":"Algeria","dial_code":"+213","code":"DZ"},{"name":"AmericanSamoa","dial_code":"+1 684","code":"AS"},{"name":"Andorra","dial_code":"+376","code":"AD"},{"name":"Angola","dial_code":"+244","code":"AO"},{"name":"Anguilla","dial_code":"+1 264","code":"AI"},{"name":"Antigua and Barbuda","dial_code":"+1268","code":"AG"},{"name":"Argentina","dial_code":"+54","code":"AR"},{"name":"Armenia","dial_code":"+374","code":"AM"},{"name":"Aruba","dial_code":"+297","code":"AW"},{"name":"Australia","dial_code":"+61","code":"AU"},{"name":"Austria","dial_code":"+43","code":"AT"},{"name":"Azerbaijan","dial_code":"+994","code":"AZ"},{"name":"Bahamas","dial_code":"+1 242","code":"BS"},{"name":"Bahrain","dial_code":"+973","code":"BH"},{"name":"Bangladesh","dial_code":"+880","code":"BD"},{"name":"Barbados","dial_code":"+1 246","code":"BB"},{"name":"Belarus","dial_code":"+375","
chen206 / gist:4030441
Created Nov 7, 2012
Install Postgresql 9.2 on Ubuntu 12.04
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# Install Postgres 9.2 on a clean Ubuntu 12.04
LC_ALL issue
comment out the AcceptEnv LANG LC_* line in the remote /etc/ssh/sshd_config file.
sudo apt-get install language-pack-en-base
sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales
comment out the SendEnv LANG LC_* line in the local /etc/ssh/ssh_config file.