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AeroGear Security 1.0.0.M1-20121124-SNAPSHOT - Highlights


AeroGear Security

  • 2f81ff5 License updates
  • c462ed3 Code clean up
  • d64103d Make endpoint return user credentials and token on HTTP headers
  • 5afee24 Fix HTTP status response code
  • d6a5317 Inclusion of response headers for Tokens and OTP
  • c2e2b66 Inclusion of OTP module
  • 70bbfcc Merge branch 'reverting-to-exceptions'
  • 13bace2 Refactoring to reflect changes in controller

AeroGear Security PicketBox

  • 714b29f Replace hard-coded credential
  • 4a1593c License updates
  • a6a1145 Inclusion of producers for http headers
  • 3a29225 Replaces old OTP dependency
  • bf547e2 Class refactoring for OTP retrieval
  • ab94e49 Update user credential when the secret doesn't exist
  • 1c863e0 Preparing to replace OTP mechanism
  • 4f2bf8b Upgrade to PicketBox timed release 5.0.0-2012Nov21
  • 7e85741 AEROGEAR-631 "Register User throws NPE"

AeroGear OTP Java

  • 2e50985 Update README instructions with the current url on OpenShift
  • 523a108 Minor code suggestions.
  • e64d679 Give the props to Google for the Base32 decoder
  • c0cce01 Turn OTP implementation compatible with Android
  • 4091b9a README instructions
  • f1b745e Hmac creation test
  • ac83ed6 Code clean up and logging
  • 55bdb2d Looks like otp validation works now
  • 8c393ac Accepts decodedKeys on Hmac
  • d63c44b URI formatting
  • 5937008 Few tests to encode and decode secrets
  • d8295ab URI formatting and QRCode creation
  • daa8139 TOTP must accept a new Secret during the initialization

AeroGear OTP iOS

  • 0333a13 Use the latest stable Ruby version for cocoapods
  • 1f82469 Tweak to summary issue
  • 0384da1 Switch to the correct repository name
  • 44c9c40 Adding the 'official' AG-OTP spec, for CocoaPods releases
  • b9f6b4e Adding new lib header to project metadata
  • 88841f1 Updating the README to give hints on the CocoaPods requirement, for this lib
  • 2ddad31 upding project meta data, based on cocoapods
  • 6eb3f7e Adding initial version for using Cocoapods for 3rd party dependencies
  • c344dee Using the umbrella common crypto header
  • 0205781 Renaming classes to have AeroGear specific prefix and moving them into the Classes folder
  • 46c149e Adding (almost) empty README 39cfb24 Project files clean up
  • 08bf498 Props header note
  • ac5079d MD5, SHA256, SHA512 are not a requirement for while
  • cf74b69 Removing template files
  • 2a0276a Few issues fixed with conversion types
  • c134626 Removing dependencies on google-toolbox
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