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How to update VirtualBox Guest Additions with vagrant
# Start the old vagrant
$ vagrant init centos-6.3
$ vagrant up
# You should see a message like:
# [default] The guest additions on this VM do not match the install version of
# VirtualBox! This may cause things such as forwarded ports, shared
# folders, and more to not work properly. If any of those things fail on
# this machine, please update the guest additions and repackage the
# box.
# Guest Additions Version: 4.1.18
# VirtualBox Version: 4.2.8
$ vagrant ssh
vagrantup:~$ sudo yum -y update
vagrantup:~$ cd /opt
vagrantup:~$ sudo wget -c \
-O VBoxGuestAdditions_4.2.8.iso
vagrantup:~$ sudo mount VBoxGuestAdditions_4.2.8.iso -o loop /mnt
vagrantup:~$ cd /mnt
vagrantup:~$ sudo sh --nox11
vagrantup:~$ cd /opt
vagrantup:~$ sudo rm *.iso
vagrantup:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/vboxadd setup
vagrantup:~$ sudo chkconfig --add vboxadd
vagrantup:~$ sudo chkconfig vboxadd on
vagrantup:~$ exit
# Now check that the Guest Additions work
$ vagrant halt
$ vagrant up
# Package the new VM
$ vagrant halt
$ vagrant package
$ mv
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