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LTTng Version Naming

LTTng version naming

Since LTTng 2.0, each release wears the name of a Quebec microbrewed beer.

2.7 Herbe à Détourne

Brewed with unrestrained amounts of Citra hop, the Herbe à Détourne is a fantastic New World Tripel brewed by Dieu du Ciel!. Aromas of mango, cantaloupe melon and passion fruit, combined with a controlled bitter finish, unite in making this smooth golden-orange beer stand apart.

2.6 Gaïa

From Benelux brewery in Montreal, the Gaïa is a witbier with a cloudy light amber ale color. Aroma of coriander with floral hay notes is enchanting. Taste is also dominated by the very floral coriander note and some medium sweet malt notes.

2.5 Fumisterie

The Fumisterie is a beer whose style is at the confluence of English and German ales. On the palate, it is full-bodied, malty and slightly caramelized. The organic hemp seeds incorporated during the brewing gives it a unique and original taste. The hop flavour comes through delicately in the after taste.

2.4 Époque Opaque

The Époque Opaque is a black IPA from Trou du Diable brewery. The nose is eerily reminiscent of the coffee crisp candy from of our childhood. These strong mocha accents are present on the palate, which are quickly subdued by Japanese and Australian hops leading to a final state of satisfaction enjoyable for any fan of bitter beer.

2.3 Dominus Vobiscum

A very succulent line-up of beers brewed at Microbrasserie Charlevoix. Elaborated starting from special malts and fermented with a Belgian yeast. These beers are refermented in bottle and will make you discover the richness of wheat, amber and triple styles.

2.2 Cuda

Brewed at the Benelux microbrewery, this IPA has huge floral, citric and resinous hop aroma, simply an amazing nose. The flavor is very fresh with a light caramel malting touch completing a strong body. Huge amounts of hops, lots of grapefruit, lemon and oranges. This is an outstanding IPA!

2.1 Basse Messe

Light coloured German ale whose style was named after the city Cologne (Koln) where it was first brewed. It is a rather simple beer with lightly fruity aromas and a delicate hoppy fragrance. The beer has a pronounced malty taste with a subtle bitter aftertaste.

2.0 Annedd'ale

New type of beer, 100% from Quebec, flavored with sapin beaumier needles, with a touch of hops.

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