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Last active Apr 12, 2021
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Dr. Bart's script for finding the secret data
Dr. Bart's script to try and figure out the passwords stored in the "" file.
Some parts are incomplete! Please help me by filling in the blanks.
from zipfile import Path
import json
def search_zip(folder: Path, file_type: str) -> list[Path]:
Recursively search a zip file by iterating through its files and subfolders.
Paths are basically just fancy strings with some extra features, like checking
if they are directories or files.
folder (Path): A ZipFile Path that represents a folder.
file_type (str): The extension to check against the individual files
list[Path]: All the matched Paths
result = ___
for ___ in folder.iterdir():
# Is it a directory?
if folder_item.is_dir():
# Is it a file?
if folder_item.is_file():
return ___
def access_path(data: dict or any, path: list[str]) -> any:
Recursively access each key from `path` that is stored in `data`.
data (dict or any): The dictionary to crack open and access, or the final data to return.
path (list[str]): A sequence of keys available at each nested level of the `data` dictionary.
any: The data stored in the last nested level of the `data` dictionary.
if path:
___ = path[___]
___ = path[___:]
return access_path(data[___], ___)
return data
def binary_search_time(values: list[any], low: int, high: int, target: int) -> any:
Recursively search in a list of values, repeatedly dividing the search space in half.
Ultimately returns the element of the list that has a `time` field closest to the
given `target`.
values: list[any]
low: int
high: int
target: int
any: The data stored in the target element.
if low <= high:
middle_index = (___+___) // 2
middle_value = values[___]['time']
if middle_value < ___:
return binary_search_time(values, ___+1, ___, target)
elif middle_value > ___:
return binary_search_time(values, ___, ___-1, target)
return values[___]
return values[high]
def solve(maze: str, at: int, visited: set[int]) -> str:
Recursively explores the maze, following the arrows until the proper emoji is reached.
maze (str): The one-dimensional string maze.
at (int): The current location in the maze. Should default to 0.
visited (set[int]): A set of previously visited nodes.
str: The final emoji at the end of the maze.
def main(location: list[str], target_time: int):
The main function that runs all the other parts of the program, in the proper sequence.
This part of the program is fine - no fixes needed!
location (list[str]): A sequence of locations and sublocations that will navigate
us through the Security JSON file.
target_time (int): The current time we are expecting to arrive at the location.
The final, single emoji password
# Load the Zip File
root = Path(ZIP_FILE_NAME)
# Search the Zip File
security_file = search_zip(root, ".json")[0]
# Read the JSON file
security = json.loads(security_file.read_bytes())
# Access the JSON path
passwords = access_path(security, location)
# Binary Search the Times
time_data = binary_search_time(passwords, 0, len(passwords)-1, target_time)
maze = time_data['password']
# Solve the 1d Maze
answer = solve(maze, 0, set())
# Print the Answer
if __name__ == '__main__':
main(["Basement 2", "Quadrant A", "Region 1", "North"], 6)
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