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A bash script that opens the file currently open in Xcode, in Emacs, keeping region
# Use AppleScript to get the open file and selection from Xcode
tell application "Xcode"
set current_document to document 1 whose name ends with (word -1 of (get name of window 1))
set current_document_path to path of current_document
set selected_range to selected character range of current_document
set selection_start to first item of selected_range
set selection_end to second item of selected_range
end tell
return "\"" & current_document_path & "\"," & selection_start & "," & selection_end
IFS=, read -r file selection_start selection_end <<< "$file_and_selection"
# Open file and set point (and region if needed) in Emacs
/usr/local/bin/emacsclient -e "
(find-file ${file})
(goto-char ${selection_start})
(unless (< ${selection_end} ${selection_start})
(push-mark ${selection_start})
(goto-char (1+ ${selection_end}))
# Bring Emacs to front
osascript -e 'tell application "Emacs" to activate'
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