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Commands needed to create an AWS RDS database parameter group which defaults to Unicode sanity: UTF-8, full collation, etc.
brew install rds-command-line-tools
rds-create-db-parameter-group mysql-utf8 -f mysql5.1 -d "MySQL 5.1 configured for UTF-8"
rds-modify-db-parameter-group mysql-utf8 \
--parameters="name=character_set_server, value=utf8, method=immediate" \
--parameters="name=character_set_client, value=utf8, method=immediate" \
--parameters="name=character_set_results,value=utf8,method=immediate" \
--parameters="name=collation_server, value=utf8_general_ci, method=immediate" \
--parameters="name=collation_connection, value=utf8_general_ci, method=immediate"
rds-modify-db-instance wdl-test --db-parameter-group-name mysql-utf8
rds-reboot-db-instance wdl-test

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eikeon commented Jul 15, 2011

Did it get too long to be an incantation? ;)


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acdha commented Jul 15, 2011

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