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Diazo Theming sprint (part of the Plone OOTBT project)

May/June 2011

According to: there are several ways to package and deploy themes, but there is really only one way that is "new & exciting" that we should try to promote as "best practice": zip files. That is because zip files are universally understandable by anyone that knows how to use a computer. So, end users can easily install theme, and theme developers can easily create them. Python developers will likely continue putting them in Python packages, though.

For our purposes (i.e. rapid development of a number of attractive themes to coincide with the inclusion of Diazo/ in 4.2), I suggest we try to promote the "best of both worlds" by including the zip file contents in a Python package, that way we can produce zips that "scale" to the needs of developers. The risk is we alienate folks that see Python packages and run. I propose we mitigate that risk by making the zip files easily downloadable on

This means:

  • Create a Python package of the form plonetheme.free_theme
  • Create a Diazo theme inside of the form: plonetheme.free_theme/plonetheme/free_theme/theme/free_theme/{rules.xml,index.html,static/}
  • Release the package to PyPI/
  • Create a zip file from the diazo theme and upload it to "by hand" (instead of including it in the package)
  • Include a link to the zip file in your documentation.
  • People contributing themes should have their logo/name/contact information in the footer. e.g. Theme by Styleshout, Plone integration by ACLARK.NET, LLC.

Use plonetheme.unilluminated as an example:

Preferably we develop themes in the Github collective: but SVN collective or elsewhere is fine too as long as they end up on PyPI/

List of themes:

  1. Unilluminated ( [aclark]
  2. CoolBlue ( [aclark]
  3. GrungeEra ( [aclark]
  4. Freshpick ( [aclark]
  5. Jungleland ( [mamico]
  6. KeepItSimple ( [aclark]
  7. Flowerbuds ( [toutpt]
  8. Enterprise ( [esteele]
  9. Greyzed ( [esteele]
  10. Earthlingtwo ( [amleczko]
  11. Pollination ( [nekorin]
  12. Motion ( [davi-lima]

Once these are finished we can move on to discussing a better way to aggregate these themes for easy display and zip file download, possibly via:


We are full up on themes (although of course you may still produce themes if you want to), but need Diazo-savvy folks to help with cleaning up theme rules. If you would like to help, please checkout this buildout:

That and Github Collective access should allow you to easily make improvements to any targeted theme (I can add themes to the buildout as needed, just ask.)

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