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# Directory listing
alias ls="ls -G"
alias l="ls"
alias ll='ls -Ghlk'
alias la='ls -GAhlka'
alias ..="cd .."
alias G=" | grep "
# Convenience commands
alias flushdns="dscacheutil -flushcache"
alias updatedb="sudo /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb"
alias netstat_proc="sudo lsof -i -P"
alias apachectl="sudo /opt/local/apache2/bin/apachectl"
alias soapui='/Applications/soapui-2.5/bin/'
# TextMate
#alias mate="open -a TextMate"
alias tmate="open -a TextMate"
alias tme="mate ."
export EDITOR='/usr/local/bin/mate -w'
export VISUAL='/usr/local/bin/mate -w'
export LESSEDIT='/usr/local/bin/mate -l %lm %f'
alias ss='./script/server'
alias sc='./script/console'
alias sg='./script/generate'
alias sdbc='./script/dbconsole'
## GIT
alias gst='git status'
alias gadd='git add'
alias gc='git commit'
alias gco='git checkout'
alias gf='git fetch'
alias gp='git push'
alias gr='git rebase'
alias grom='git rebase origin/master'
alias ggraph='git log --all --decorate --graph --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit'
# Ruby/Rails/rake
alias shotgun="shotgun --server=thin"
alias rt="RAILS_ENV=test rake"
alias rsc="rake spec cucumber"
alias rs="rake spec"
alias rc="rake cucumber"
alias Dsolr="rake solr:stop solr:start"
alias Dreload="rake solr:reload"
alias Tsolr="RAILS_ENV=test rake solr:stop solr:start"
alias Treload="RAILS_ENV=test rake solr:reload"
# multiple ruby's and rvm
if [[ -s /Users/andy/.rvm/scripts/rvm ]] ; then source /Users/andy/.rvm/scripts/rvm ; fi
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