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This is the dataset which should be used for homework 1, problems: 6-11 and 6-13 (Database course, University of Chicago)
group: employee schema
description[[ the data for problems: 6.11, 6.13 ]]
employee = {person_name street city
adam kenwood chicago
bob kimbark chicago
joe michigan chicago
kate woodlawn boston
noelle woodlawn boston
veronique kimbark warsaw
luke dorchester warsaw
bartek marszalkowska warsaw
works = {person_name company_name salary
adam FirstBankCorporation 2500
bob FirstBankCorporation 11000
joe FirstBankCorporation 1000
kate hospital 20000
noelle hospital 19000
veronique office 4000
luke it 10000
bartek it 15000
company = { company_name city
FirstBankCorporation chicago
FirstBankCorporation warsaw
FirstBankCorporation new_york
hospital warsaw
hospital chicago
hospital chorzow
office baltimore
it warsaw
SmallBankCorporation warsaw
SmallBankCorporation chicago
manages = {person_name, manager_name
adam bob
luke bartek
noelle kate
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