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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Dumb script to dump (some) of bcache status
# Copyright 2013 Darrick J. Wong. All rights reserved.
# This file is part of Bcache. Bcache is free software: you can
# redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public
# License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
# ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
# FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more
# details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
# this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51
# Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
import os
import sys
import argparse
DEV_BLOCK_PATH = '/dev/block/'
SYSFS_BCACHE_PATH = '/sys/fs/bcache/'
SYSFS_BLOCK_PATH = '/sys/block/'
def file_to_lines(fname):
with open(fname, "r") as fd:
return fd.readlines()
return []
def file_to_line(fname):
ret = file_to_lines(fname)
if ret:
return ret[0].strip()
return ''
def str_to_bool(x):
return x == '1'
def format_sectors(x):
'''Pretty print a sector count.'''
sectors = int(x)
asectors = abs(sectors)
if asectors == 0:
return '0B'
elif asectors < 2048:
return '%.2fKiB' % (sectors / 2)
elif asectors < 2097152:
return '%.2fMiB' % (sectors / 2048)
elif asectors < 2147483648:
return '%.2fGiB' % (sectors / 2097152)
return '%.2fTiB' % (sectors / 2147483648)
def interpret_sectors(x):
'''Interpret a pretty-printed disk size.'''
factors = {
'k': 1 << 10,
'M': 1 << 20,
'G': 1 << 30,
'T': 1 << 40,
'P': 1 << 50,
'E': 1 << 60,
'Z': 1 << 70,
'Y': 1 << 80,
if len(x)>0:
factor = 1
if x[-1] in factors:
factor = factors[x[-1]]
x = x[:-1]
return int(float(x) * factor / 512)
return 1
def pretty_size(x):
return format_sectors(interpret_sectors(x))
def dump_bdev(bdev_path):
'''Dump a backing device stats.'''
global MAX_KEY_LENGTH, devnum_map
attrs = [
('../dev', 'Device', lambda x: '%s (%s)' % (devnum_map.get(x, '?'), x)),
('../size', 'Size', format_sectors),
('cache_mode', 'Cache Mode', None),
('readahead', 'Readahead', None),
('sequential_cutoff', 'Sequential Cutoff', pretty_size),
('sequential_merge', 'Merge sequential?', str_to_bool),
('state', 'State', None),
('writeback_running', 'Writeback?', str_to_bool),
('dirty_data', 'Dirty Data', pretty_size),
print('--- Backing Device ---')
for (sysfs_name, display_name, conversion_func) in attrs:
val = file_to_line('%s/%s' % (bdev_path, sysfs_name))
if conversion_func is not None:
val = conversion_func(val)
if display_name is None:
display_name = sysfs_name
print(' %-*s%s' % (MAX_KEY_LENGTH - 2, display_name, val))
def dump_cachedev(cachedev_path):
'''Dump a cachding device stats.'''
def fmt_cachesize(val):
return '%s\t(%d%%)' % (format_sectors(val), float(val) / cache_size * 100)
global MAX_KEY_LENGTH, devnum_map
attrs = [
('../dev', 'Device', lambda x: '%s (%s)' % (devnum_map.get(x, '?'), x)),
('../size', 'Size', format_sectors),
('block_size', 'Block Size', pretty_size),
('bucket_size', 'Bucket Size', pretty_size),
('cache_replacement_policy', 'Replacement Policy', None),
('discard', 'Discard?', str_to_bool),
('io_errors', 'I/O Errors', None),
('metadata_written', 'Metadata Written', pretty_size),
('written', 'Data Written', pretty_size),
('nbuckets', 'Buckets', None),
(None, 'Cache Used', lambda x: fmt_cachesize(used_sectors)),
(None, 'Cache Unused', lambda x: fmt_cachesize(unused_sectors)),
stats = get_cache_priority_stats(cachedev_path)
cache_size = int(file_to_line('%s/../size' % cachedev_path))
unused_sectors = float(stats['Unused'][:-1]) * cache_size / 100
used_sectors = cache_size - unused_sectors
print('--- Cache Device ---')
for (sysfs_name, display_name, conversion_func) in attrs:
if sysfs_name is not None:
val = file_to_line('%s/%s' % (cachedev_path, sysfs_name))
if conversion_func is not None:
val = conversion_func(val)
if display_name is None:
display_name = sysfs_name
print(' %-*s%s' % (MAX_KEY_LENGTH - 2, display_name, val))
def hits_to_str(hits_str, misses_str):
'''Render a hits/misses ratio as a string.'''
hits = int(hits_str)
misses = int(misses_str)
ret = '%d' % hits
if hits + misses != 0:
ret = '%s\t(%.d%%)' % (ret, 100 * hits / (hits + misses))
return ret
def dump_stats(sysfs_path, indent_str, stats):
'''Dump stats on a bcache device.'''
stat_types = [
('five_minute', 'Last 5min'),
('hour', 'Last Hour'),
('day', 'Last Day'),
('total', 'Total'),
attrs = ['bypassed', 'cache_bypass_hits', 'cache_bypass_misses', 'cache_hits', 'cache_misses']
display = [
('Hits', lambda: hits_to_str(stat_data['cache_hits'], stat_data['cache_misses'])),
('Misses', lambda: stat_data['cache_misses']),
('Bypass Hits', lambda: hits_to_str(stat_data['cache_bypass_hits'], stat_data['cache_bypass_misses'])),
('Bypass Misses', lambda: stat_data['cache_bypass_misses']),
('Bypassed', lambda: pretty_size(stat_data['bypassed'])),
for (sysfs_name, stat_display_name) in stat_types:
if len(stats) > 0 and sysfs_name not in stats:
stat_data = {}
for attr in attrs:
val = file_to_line('%s/stats_%s/%s' % (sysfs_path, sysfs_name, attr))
stat_data[attr] = val
for (display_name, str_func) in display:
d = '%s%s %s' % (indent_str, stat_display_name, display_name)
print('%-*s%s' % (MAX_KEY_LENGTH, d, str_func()))
def get_cache_priority_stats(cache):
'''Retrieve priority stats from a cache.'''
attrs = {}
for line in file_to_lines('%s/priority_stats' % cache):
x = line.split()
key = x[0]
value = x[1]
attrs[key[:-1]] = value
return attrs
def dump_bcache(bcache_sysfs_path, stats, print_subdevices, device):
'''Dump bcache stats'''
global devnum_map
def fmt_cachesize(val):
return '%s\t(%d%%)' % (format_sectors(val), 100.0 * val / cache_sectors)
attrs = [
(None, 'Device', lambda x: '%s (%s)' % (devnum_map.get(device, '?'), device)),
(None, 'UUID', lambda x: os.path.basename(bcache_sysfs_path)),
('block_size', 'Block Size', pretty_size),
('bucket_size', 'Bucket Size', pretty_size),
('congested', 'Congested?', str_to_bool),
('congested_read_threshold_us', 'Read Congestion', lambda x: '%.1fms' % (int(x) / 1000)),
('congested_write_threshold_us', 'Write Congestion', lambda x: '%.1fms' % (int(x) / 1000)),
(None, 'Total Cache Size', lambda x: format_sectors(cache_sectors)),
(None, 'Total Cache Used', lambda x: fmt_cachesize(cache_used_sectors)),
(None, 'Total Cache Unused', lambda x: fmt_cachesize(cache_unused_sectors)),
('dirty_data', 'Dirty Data', lambda x: fmt_cachesize(interpret_sectors(x))),
('cache_available_percent', 'Evictable Cache', lambda x: '%s\t(%s%%)' % (format_sectors(float(x) * cache_sectors / 100), x)),
(None, 'Replacement Policy', lambda x: replacement_policies.pop() if len(replacement_policies) == 1 else '(Unknown)'),
(None, 'Cache Mode', lambda x: cache_modes.pop() if len(cache_modes) == 1 else '(Unknown)'),
# Calculate aggregate data
cache_sectors = 0
cache_unused_sectors = 0
cache_modes = set()
replacement_policies = set()
for obj in os.listdir(bcache_sysfs_path):
if not os.path.isdir('%s/%s' % (bcache_sysfs_path, obj)):
if obj.startswith('cache'):
cache_size = int(file_to_line('%s/%s/../size' % (bcache_sysfs_path, obj)))
cache_sectors += cache_size
cstats = get_cache_priority_stats('%s/%s' % (bcache_sysfs_path, obj))
unused_size = float(cstats['Unused'][:-1]) * cache_size / 100
cache_unused_sectors += unused_size
replacement_policies.add(file_to_line('%s/%s/cache_replacement_policy' % (bcache_sysfs_path, obj)))
elif obj.startswith('bdev'):
cache_modes.add(file_to_line('%s/%s/cache_mode' % (bcache_sysfs_path, obj)))
cache_used_sectors = cache_sectors - cache_unused_sectors
# Dump basic stats
print("--- bcache ---")
for (sysfs_name, display_name, conversion_func) in attrs:
if sysfs_name is not None:
val = file_to_line('%s/%s' % (bcache_sysfs_path, sysfs_name))
val = None
if conversion_func is not None:
val = conversion_func(val)
if display_name is None:
display_name = sysfs_name
print('%-*s%s' % (MAX_KEY_LENGTH, display_name, val))
dump_stats(bcache_sysfs_path, '', stats)
# Dump sub-device stats
if not print_subdevices:
for obj in os.listdir(bcache_sysfs_path):
if not os.path.isdir('%s/%s' % (bcache_sysfs_path, obj)):
if obj.startswith('bdev'):
dump_bdev('%s/%s' % (bcache_sysfs_path, obj))
dump_stats('%s/%s' % (bcache_sysfs_path, obj), ' ', stats)
elif obj.startswith('cache'):
dump_cachedev('%s/%s' % (bcache_sysfs_path, obj))
def map_uuid_to_device():
'''Map bcache UUIDs to device files.'''
ret = {}
for bdev in os.listdir(SYSFS_BLOCK_PATH):
link = '%s%s/bcache/cache' % (SYSFS_BLOCK_PATH, bdev)
if not os.path.islink(link):
basename = os.path.basename(os.readlink(link))
ret[basename] = file_to_line('%s%s/dev' % (SYSFS_BLOCK_PATH, bdev))
return ret
def map_devnum_to_device():
'''Map device numbers to device files.'''
ret = {}
for bdev in os.listdir(DEV_BLOCK_PATH):
ret[bdev] = os.path.realpath('%s%s' % (DEV_BLOCK_PATH, bdev))
return ret
def main():
'''Main function'''
global uuid_map, devnum_map
stats = set()
reset_stats = False
print_subdevices = False
run_gc = False
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False)
parser.add_argument('--help', help='show this help message and exit', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('-f', '--five-minute', help='Print the last five minutes of stats.', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('-h', '--hour', help='Print the last hour of stats.', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('-d', '--day', help='Print the last day of stats.', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('-t', '--total', help='Print total stats.', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('-a', '--all', help='Print all stats.', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('-r', '--reset-stats', help='Reset stats after printing them.', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('-s', '--sub-status', help='Print subdevice status.', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('-g', '--gc', help='Invoke GC before printing status.', action='store_true')
args = parser.parse_args()
return 0
if args.five_minute:
if args.hour:
if args.all:
if args.reset_stats:
reset_stats = True
if args.sub_status:
print_subdevices = True
if args.gc:
run_gc = True
if not stats:
uuid_map = map_uuid_to_device()
devnum_map = map_devnum_to_device()
for cache in os.listdir(SYSFS_BCACHE_PATH):
if not os.path.isdir('%s%s' % (SYSFS_BCACHE_PATH, cache)):
if run_gc:
with open('%s%s/internal/trigger_gc' % (SYSFS_BCACHE_PATH, cache), 'w') as fd:
dump_bcache('%s%s' % (SYSFS_BCACHE_PATH, cache), stats, print_subdevices, uuid_map.get(cache, '?'))
if reset_stats:
with open('%s%s/clear_stats' % (SYSFS_BCACHE_PATH, cache), 'w') as fd:
if __name__ == '__main__':
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