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A small example of how you can implement click-to-drag in JavaScript

This is a small example implementing click-to-drag with a bit of JavaScript…Please let us know if you have any questions!

Further doing

  • Watch the short screencast associated with this sketch here
  • Check out another gist of ours on mouse events here
  • Modify the code so that:
    • …if you double-click the square, it disappears
View [DGMD S-15] people page card.markdown

[DGMD S-15] people page card

Change this card to include a picture and information about yourself. When you are done, export it as a gist to your Github account and we will incorporate your card into the class website at

Forked from shaunalynn's Pen [DGMD S-15] people page card.

A Pen by adebigare on CodePen.