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a simple ansible playbook to run initial customization on AIX.
- hosts: aixtestlab
gather_facts: False
- name: add group adejoux
group: name=adejoux state=present
- name: create user adejoux
user: name=adejoux comment="Alain Dejoux" uid=1000 group=adejoux
- name: generate ssh key for adejoux
user: name=adejoux generate_ssh_key=yes ssh_key_type=ecdsa ssh_key_file=.ssh/id_ecdsa ssh_key_bits=256
- name: create logical volume lvroot
command: mklv -t jfs2 -y lvroot rootvg 1G
creates: /dev/lvroot
- name: create logical volume lvtools
command: mklv -t jfs2 -y lvtools rootvg 1G
creates: /dev/lvtools
- name: create filesystem /root
command: crfs -v jfs2 -A yes -m /root -d lvroot
creates: /root
- name: create filesystem /tools
command: crfs -v jfs2 -A yes -m /tools -d lvtools
creates: /tools
- name: change permissions on /root
file: path="/root" mode=0700 owner=root group=system
- name: mount /root
mount: name=/root src=/dev/lvroot state=mounted fstype=jfs2
- name: mount /tools
mount: name=/tools src=/dev/lvtools state=mounted fstype=jfs2
- name: change root home directory
user: name=root home=/root
- name: deploy authorized key
authorized_key: user=root key="{{ lookup('file', '/Users/adejoux/.ssh/') }}"
- name: deploy root profile
copy: src=root_profile dest=/root/.profile owner=root group=system
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