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Adrian Rowbotham aderowbotham

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# Copied from
# Thanks to Kristian Lyngstøl / @KristianLyng for putting this together
Regular expression cheat sheet for Varnish
Varnish regular expressions are NOT case sensitive. Varnish uses POSIX
regular expressions, for a complete guide, see: "man 7 regex"
Basic matching:
aderowbotham / mobile_not_implemented.css
Created Jul 3, 2013
mobile layout not implemented notification message (for sites in development)
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/* mobile
============================================================================================== */
@media screen and (min-width: 0) and (max-width: 700px) {
/* hide everything */
div, span, p
display: none;
body:before {
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aderowbotham / formatted-print_r.php
Last active Jan 14, 2016
PHP debugging shortcut for '<pre>' + print_r() + die(), that formats keys in red and values in blue.
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# colour-formatted print_r shortcut
if ( ! function_exists('prd')){
function prd($object,$die=TRUE){
# insert span tags
$output = '<span class="die_value">'.$output;
$output = str_replace('[', '<span class="die_key">[', print_r($object,TRUE));
$output = str_replace(']', ']</span>', $output);
$output = str_replace('=> ', '=> <span class="die_value">', $output);
aderowbotham /
Last active Nov 9, 2018
Purge (ban) an entire domain in Varnish Cache 3

How to purge ('ban') an entire domain in Varnish Cache 3

#####EDIT: NB Ban is technically different from Purge. Banned objects remain in memory but banning is faster than purging. Read the Varnish 3 documentation here and here.

Purge may be a more appropriate action for your use-case; although the examples in the gist below work, it's not necessarily the best way of doing this.

aderowbotham / php_argv_environment.php
Created Nov 25, 2012
PHP / Codeigniter - set environment when running in CLI mode
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# in public_html/index.php
* Where your CodeIgniter ENVIRONMENT is normally defined by the server environment
* variables, and assuming your database settings are automatically set based on
* that environment, this causes a problem when running the application through
* PHP on the command line e.g. in order to run CodeIgniter Migrations
aderowbotham / Cache-bust Gruntfile.js
Last active May 11, 2020
Set cache-busing file revision using Grunt
View Cache-bust Gruntfile.js
Example using grunt-contrib-concat, but this should work with any package
Inject string-based timestamp into an output filename, e.g. vendor-min.ka2bct2u.js
module.exports = function(grunt) {
aderowbotham /
Created Jun 7, 2012
Django stack setup on EC2 AMI

Django Stack


This is a set of instructions to setup a Django Nginx Gunicorn MySQL/Postgres stack on a single Amazon EC2 instance.

Server - AWS

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